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Thread: My Longest Post To Date

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    Thanks for all the kudos, y'all.....I wrote that "thesis" mostly to vent my frustrations at the situation, but it has been shared several time on FakeBook so it's making the rounds. A roaring fire starts with a little flame, so there is hope.

    A couple of folks in my extended State Police family contacted me and shared similar sentiments, so it's comforting to know the LEO's in my circle are interested and paying attention. I've been fighting corruption for several decades, usually after stumbling across it by accident or being somehow pulled into it by external events going on around me.

    When I began writing books a few years ago, my third book was titled "Vipers In Pinstripes" you an idea of where my head's at.

    I guess I've done okay for a guy with a GED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Eagle View Post
    "If one falls, two more will rise to take their place."

    Watch this, and it will all make sense. 2 hrs long, and Glenn has all the documents to back it up. In the end, you will understand why Schiff doesn't want the "whistleblower" on the stand.

    Great video, thanks for sharing.

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