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Thread: Here it comes...feminizing the males....more chaos manufacturing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armed_Liberal View Post
    I'd rather use my non-dominant hand to wipe rather than be forced to use glossy magazine paper! I've had to do it before and even in a pinch, it wasn't worth it.

    Lesson learned.
    You certainly DO have a valid point there, my friend! (Chuckle) Glossy magazine paper doesn't remove anything, just make a bigger smear.

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    good gracious merciful heavens! who the flying flock thinks that feminizing men was any better than masculinizing women? ENOUGH ALREADY. True strength has no gender, and this is just.....stupid. If it catches on our species is in trouble....

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    Here is why feminizing the males is a very very bad idea..and one for which you will never hear from all these "Feel Good" types out here....Ishmaelites.

    They need the constant and ever ignorance of people to get away with what they are planning to do in this country....and there are lots of them out here with a movie and or television education in "Disneyland" type thinking wherein you never have to grow up.

    Number one.....females....

    Most females worth are darn are not looking for competition from a feminine male....
    Translate that as a male who is "Higher Maintenance" than they everything. This meaning a feminine male who is more emotional and a bigger drama queen than they...or they and children.

    Emotions and drama are part of feminine....with the expectation that someone else take the primary risks out of life for them and or children when the going gets rough.

    Another thing about women ...females...

    Most women who work in hard labors and often involving great risks are not in any hurry to support a male from their production ...monies....risks.

    They tend to have better sense than that ….males do not.

    Most women tend towards looking for work having better working less risks than do males. Preferably indoors....air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter...even if these jobs pay less than riskier work.

    The traditional willingness of the male to take risks for his woman and family and turn over a great portion of his production to his woman and children for their discretionary one of the greatest adaptations in human history and todays public education tries to paint this as dominance...or patriarchy.....or even abuse..

    You have to be educated to be so stupid.

    Social conditions and or beliefs in economically affluent nations ….make such stupidity affordable...and to the detriment of the people and nation.

    Most women matter how educated... are not looking for a career supporting a man ..and children both from their earnings while the man expands his Options….

    This is the dirty little secret that all the feminists are not speaking about...nor telling the public.....about what is going on out here.

    Women/Females as a whole do not want this much equality no matter what the "Social Experts " try to tell us and hide in the polluted mix.

    When a woman wants a man....she wants a man...not competition in a man being more feminine than they.

    Do not let them do Ishmaelites unto bondage ...bondage of ignorance.

    Only economic affluence can cause people to become so ignorant that they will buy into the feminization of the Male.....really stupid...

    Something else that needs to be spoken about....and in particular about the socialization of women/females.

    Women/Females tend to know and understand competition from a much deeper and ancient modus operandi than to males..

    Women are very highly competitive in a different mode than are men or males...a very primordial competition and it can become very mean, nasty and uncivilized very quickly....

    Men and males worth a darn are socialized to be more cooperative in survival than are the female....working together towards a goal...cooperating...not in competition at a certain primordial level.

    None of the experts tend ever to want to define this for us while letting the feminine default through....unto stupidity, destruction,...and or collapse.

    And I will tell the members something else here....

    This feminizing of the males is a part of a long term Occult plan in operation...

    It is concealed......hidden and is rooted deep in government corruption by social planners and those well versed in the Occult religions.

    Occult means "Hidden ...concealed" from all but those trained to see it for what it is..

    For among the Occult powers of this world...they know that people who are easily emoted ...made fearful ...are much more easily controlled/herded.....than those who are not easily affrighted..

    This is the other reason feminizing the males is important...for purposes of control...Herding.

    For by the workings of nature herself.....males who understand risk/danger....and know how to manage/handle it...their emotions/disciplines...unto a goal...individually or working together....are not as easily affrighted as are the traditionally effeminate or feminine. They are not as easily "Herded."

    The long term goal is to feminize the males for control..or get rid of them...make them expendable or disposable..

    In particular ...this is the reason for the method of operation recently of going after "White heterosexual Christian Males."

    For this grouping are the greatest danger to the internationalist world class social engineering/herding types....Voters....and must be therefore manufactured into the new bad guy ..because they will be noticeably more difficult to feminize/herd....unless you can get to them very very young in public schools and with primarily a television and or movie education.

    For feminizing the males means the breakdown of the western family unit and thereby the destruction or the Judeo Christian pattern of operation to be replaced with an Occult pattern going way back into history....a Pagan Occult Pattern.. Ishmaelites.

    Weaken the male by feminizing him...unto uselessness...and then replace the male as an individual Shephard over his flock....replace him with control the herd.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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    One of the other aspects, historically speaking, concerning the feminizing of the males and or their destruction...disposability and expendability …..the destruction and instability of the juvenile delinquency....

    This is one aspect of this feminizing which is scarcely spoken about in politics...because they so desperately need the female vote and will destroy anyone and anything to maintain this monopoly.

    This happened big time in Russia after the 1917 Revolution when the Communist party, in their Socialist rebuilding of everything, declared the traditional family structure obsolete.

    Men began leaving their families as the family structure was reorganized along government lines.

    And over time this begat a huge juvenile delinquency problem in the big cities. A huge crime problem.

    And this is true in many of our big cities across this country.

    I was reading Breitbart News Network this morning and noted two interesting articles.

    One was on cities across this country wherein people are attempting to leave. Most of them were leftist large cities ...well known. Heavily socialist leftist cities.

    Crime seemed to be the major issue in many of them...though housing costs were also one huge factor. Expenses higher than wages.

    The other article of interest to me is an ad for this Democrat Candidate Tusli Gabbard.

    Now of all the leftist candidates for President of the United States...I Like Tusli Gabbard the best....though I know little about her.

    But the basis of one of her ads was that by voting for her people would be getting a candidate who would put the needs of the people first.

    I thought to myself ironic. We already have a President who is doing just that and someone hates him and is trying desperately to get him out of office. So what makes Tusli Gabbard different or more acceptable??? The irony was plain to me.

    Also what is plain to me is that Hillary ….whining about Trump and the Russian collusion ….Hillary is trying to maneuver Tusli and some others out of the Presidential race.
    Again the irony is there plain for people to see...

    Russian Collusion....LOL LOL LOL.!!! Hillary collusion.!!
    Hillary is showing/demonstrating how much the left is dependent on the Russian like manner to how much they are dependent on Hitler, racism, feminism, and the LGBT issues for votes...power.

    It gets thin after awhile..when you can see them coming.

    I like Tusli Gabbard….because first of all...she is not a blonde....

    And then she does not, for the most part, depend on teaching and preaching these textbook predictable narratives/labels to set the hook in voters and then reel them in as do so many of the other leftist candidates. For many on the left it is so predictable ...good cop/bad can see, hear, and smell them coming. illustrated earlier up in my post....Trump for the most part is trying to deliver on his promises when he was running for election. And has delivered far more than most Republicans as well as Democrat Presidents before him.
    So why do they want him out of office??? He is delivering is he not???

    Why would Republicans want to get him out of office. There is obviously another combination at play here and one for which most of the public is not supposed to catch on to this operation. This combination in operation is obviously not to be spoken about …..made known....made visible.

    And this tells me that there is in operation a two tiered system ...not to be known by most people...not ever defined....

    It is Occult...hidden ..concealed from the view of most people.....never to be known.

    And Occult is feminine..

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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