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    Default DIY Backpack Stoves >>> Links Links Links and more Links

    great all in one reference listing for the links that matter ....

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    I have a biolite folding propane stove, a folding wood burning stunor titanium backpackers Stove for hiking and I have a full set wood burning GStove (30 lbs) but I love love love it! My fav of all times is just a good old fashion campfire. Nothing to carry but a little feathered wood chips for kindling and a small pouch of petroleum soaked cotton balls for a fire starter, and a couple of strikers. I don't like carrying fuel if I don't have to, but I keep a small canister of fuel in each pack just incase.

    I have no need to build my own when there are so many good ones on the market to buy that would last a lifetime. I absolutely love my GStove because it's so versatile for cooking inside or outside of my tent and keeps the tent nice and toasty in the winter!
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    I'm still rocking an ezbit.. I do have some Swiss Sterno stoves as well. But I tend o like he trioxaine or ezbit fuel because it's a quick way to get water boiled, and lights up even if soaked in water

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