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Thread: About red flag laws and social credit scores..

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    All joking aside, this is but one of the reasons I'm so serious about and dedicated to archery. I shoot almost every day, weather permitting, for at least an hour, sometimes longer. At twenty five yards, and closer whatever, or whomever, I shoot at is dead meat...guaranteed! I've been shooting at forty to forty five yards. And more often than not I can hit a one foot circle at that range. My goal is to be able to shoot as well as, or better than, Howard Hill or Byron Ferguson. And I'm heart attack serious about that! I'm a pretty fair shot with one now. From twenty yards I can put six arrows so close together you can remove them simultaneously with one hand. But I still have some work to do to get to where I want to be.

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    im with ya beo.
    i shoot about 200 - 300 rds a day weather permitting. to keep up my competitive shooting and firearms training. you get out what you put in. this week alone since last friday i have shot an idpa match, a uspsa match, and 3 back yard sessions of about 250 rds each. it gets expensive but its something i work hard to be good at.

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    Red Flag laws and social credit scores are Ishmael...Herding...a type of bondage/servitude awaiting in the wings to identify it's victims/prey.

    It is setting up another jurisdiction to run parallel to the Constitution where by they can avoid any Constitutionality and only pay lip service to the Constitution but operate entirely on this other jurisdiction.

    This is Herding.....Ishmael run wild...

    It is not Isaac and his Seed. It is not limited government.


    Not an Ishamelite.

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    I heard that the Seattle Police confiscated someone's firearms under the Red Flag law recently passed in the Peoples State of Washington. I have tried to find a Seattle Times article, or KOMO article about it. Plenty of web articles out there, but nobody with "the party line".

    This article is light on facts, and doesn't say exactly... anything. I have heard that he is a white supremacist, a racist, and all other bad "ist"s out there. Nothing at all is said if the guy actually made threats against someone's life or any of the other no-no's that activate the Red Flag law. Anyone else hear about this?
    Seattle Times
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    I heard a story of a longtime veteran of the police force and school crossing guard had all his confiscated because of a misunderstood conversation someone heard......... Oh yeah he was in his Eighties........ Cold dead hands comes to mind, that's a very long life.
    Don't bring skittles to a gun fight.

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    This is how they treat our veterans/ honest citizens;
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