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Thread: What y'all make of this

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    Quote Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
    I still feel that at some point in the future, near or far...its difficult to say...we are going to be facing some extremely difficult and trying times. Those who haven't prepared for it are going to be in serious trouble.
    I think this statement is exactly correct. On the down side I think many of us who are preparing are gonna have serious trouble as well.
    Greater love hath no man than this, That a man lay down his life for a friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bacpacker1513 View Post
    I think this statement is exactly correct. On the down side I think many of us who are preparing are gonna have serious trouble as well.
    Absolutely true, BP. Anyone who thinks its going to be a cake walk, even those who have made preparations, is going to be in for a rude awakening, STARTELING awakening. I don't even like to think about the things that may become necessity for us just to be able to keep on keeping on. Luxury is gong to become knowing you have what you need for the next meal, and you may have to kill to protect that. People are going to become animals, especially those who have made no preparations. They'll be expecting those of us who have to take them in and provide for them. Ain't gonna happen here. I shudder to think how terrible it is going to be. I could go on, but I think everyone on here has a pretty idea what to expect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orangetom1999 View Post
    First off...this is not the biggest and worst storm to hit the 1969 Hurricane Camille tore up the Gulf Coast very very bad. I've not seen destruction like that before and I've been through a few hurricanes and typhoons in Japan.
    Over 200 MPH..back in 1969. Someone is pulling your leg here.

    Second...we have technology ..much of which cannot be released to the general public nor will would collapse many existing business and industries.

    What convinced me of this was a description of what this PHD saw when he took a trip to Jet Propulsion Pasedina...California. He stated that the people on the lines doing the actual work were the very best minds in the country ..and they were very very young. the brightest minds in the country.It was obvious to him that when you were 30 plus ...the field had changed..many of them. You were washed up at 30..the fields and knowledge were moving that fast. By 30 or so you were making sure the younger people got the materials they was moving that fast.

    What these people visiting back then were doing was experimenting in separating cells ...blood cells for use. Now this had been done before but too many cells were lost in the process...and they had come up with a better way to do it...but lacked funds. They needed about half a million dollars. The chief guy told them their idea had merit and he could get them 4 or 5 million tomorrow..but they had to hand over the concept to JPL for their use or not use.
    They declined but went on the tour and the PHD explained what they saw at JPL.

    Also that they were working on any and everything that could be concieved...not just jets and propulsionl..but anything they thought would or could be gotten to work.

    I submit to the readers that much of the inventiveness of America has been kept off the as not to collapse present billion dollar industries.

    There are numerous people who have written on suppressed inventions....over the years....and have some interesting stories or narratives to tell....particularly in high mileage cauberation or fuel system.....not all of them gasoline..but alternative fuels....and suppressed.

    Do I think we can steer a Hurricane...I believe we can. I have nothing to base it upon..just what stories and tell tale traces we have heard..ove the years.

    Keep watching hurricanes for this tell tale evidence ...there will be more coming....observe and note the patterns.

    Remember when there was so much talk about how inferior the M1 Abrahams tank was supposed to be??? What happened in both Desert STorm events????

    Remember how over the years we have been told over and over and over and over and over inferior we are to Russian equipment and techniques.???

    What happened in both Desert wars with the Famed Russian Equipment??

    If Americans really knew how technologically superior we really would not be so easy to put on the puppet strings and be made afraid when you are supposed to be...scheduled to be put on the fear and insecurity puppet a willing and compliant education and media system.

    You see????

    You would not so easily follow the scheduled "Herding " program...understand now??? You would not vote properly and predictably. This is or was obvious in the 2016 election and what someone is trying to do here today to tamp the vote.

    Someone out there wants us as Americans be disarmed...not just physically..but mentally and spiritually as well.

    Think hard and long on this one...and while your at it ....learn to observe two legged wildlife at work..on us...daily.

    All you have to do is watch and listen to the Leftist Democratic Presidential Candidates spewing out their Bondage/Herding.....and then listen carefully to the silence of the phony conservative Republicans as they pass up what El Rushbo calls a "Teachable Moment."

    They are working together to steer the public.... to steer and thus prevent a public storm...awakening unless they need such an storm.

    Be Warned.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
    Where to start on this subject. Are there things that are being suppressed? Yes. I'm sure there are many things. The question comes to why and who has the ability to do so? The same people who want your guns and are talking about gun confiscation openly for an office where you must take an oath to the Constitution!!!
    What happened to the Russian equipment? Well that is an easy one. Israel has been dealing with top of the line Russian equipment all the time. What they learn and pass on to the U.S. is part of why they get the Military stipend "aid" that they do... Look at who is manufacturing the wings on the F35, what about the super cool helmet that is used?? Israel is doing many of these things. When it also comes to What happened in Iraq against Russian Equipment...Well again the equipment isn't bad. The problem comes down to who is using it!!! Asscrackistan, they are using old Russian equipment. The U.S. has failed to force them to submit.... The wars were so different that well it isn't even worth chatting about. I would bet money on Russian equipment if it was being run by a Russian. That being said, the Russian or FSU ideology was massive human and equipment attacks. They succeeded fighting the Germans. The German equipment some of what was developed then is still in modern use today..

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    Default Pix, or it didn't happen

    That used to be the saying around here, not too many years ago. It helped keeping over speculation and sensationalism in check. With that in mind, I'm sure there are cloak and dagger operations going on, but I am equally confident that the Chinese will steal and/or the Russians will mimic them, in fairly short order. That is, if indeed the invention is economically workable and usable.

    If one doesn't want to believe this, there are dozens of Hollywood movies out there to keep one satisfied.
    Make America under God Again

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    The vids no longer exist

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