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Thread: Corey Booker is an Ishmaelite herder.

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    Default Corey Booker is an Ishmaelite herder.


    Corey Booker showing of what he is made and counting on the fact that so few Americans know about the different jurisdictions at law....status of Rights versus privileges....

    Rights are not under licenses.....they are rights granted by God...not by government.

    Once you switch ...even in ignorance... to licenses granted by the state..the state can control and regulate the ownership requirements at their will...even do away with these privileges.

    Licenses are a privilege granted by the state.and the state can change or modify the rules at their whim.

    This is the scam which Corey Booker and others of such ilk do not want Ordinary Americas to know...Just as Johnathan Gruber stated about the ignorance and stupidity of Americans on Obama Care.

    You do not license a natural Right....

    Once you license a right....the state dictates the terms...not you the people....and the state can stop representing the people at any time they want as long as you have a license asking or pleading for them to control and regulate this "Privilege."

    Privileges granted by the Sovereigh...not rights granted by God.

    Corey Booker is a scam artist counting on the fact that most of us would not know this information the runaway emotions of the moment.

    And so too is any other scamming politician seeking votes by preying on peoples fears.

    This is Presidential Material??? Think carefully on this. You are being scammed big time by the left and such people....herded. And they are not even ashamed to come out in the open with their "Herding."

    If you cannot be trusted with a will not be trusted with a vote....and we will become like Englishmen and Continentals.

    We are not Englishment nor Continentals...and much of leadership does not wants us to know this difference.

    Rights granted by God ..are limits on the Government.... And phony leadership like Corey Booker would have us be turned into Englishmen and or Continentals with privileges ..not rights. Unlimited Government and limited people....Herded people.

    The purpose of government under our Constitution of the United States is to preserve and protect our rights ..not subvert them. It is in their very oath....

    Corey Booker is an oath breaker...a con man.....a phony .an Ishmaelite. And so too anyone else trying to subvert our rights into privileges granted by the sovereign the state.

    Or put another way via...GFW Hegel....The State is god.!!!

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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    Keep in mind, this bunch of idiots aren't the larger group. Just the louder group. Constitutionalist are twice, if not more in numbers. We just have to get them to vote in true favor of the constitution.

    If we let them, these progressives will turn the whole world upside down and wrong side out, and it will be our own fault! We HAVE to stop them!
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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