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Thread: How the US Has Changed ==== 1920s "Boy's Loyalty Parade"

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    Default How the US Has Changed ==== 1920s "Boy's Loyalty Parade"

    long lost filming of the May 1st 1924 Witchita Boy's Loyalty Parade thru the downtown ...

    today - couldn't get a lot of the Scout Troops to attend neither the Inauguration Parade or the recent 4th of July Parade in DC ...

    notice the last few minutes of the loyalty rally at the park ....

    someone also commented - see any of these boys laboring to get their overweight fat azzes down the street ...
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    All of the "social legislation" passed in the last 60 years has drastically changed America, transforming it from a basically Conservative nation into a radical Liberal nation. We are now a "welfare state." None of this is going to change, even with a Conservative government in place, as none of this legislation is going to be repealed, or even modified to any significant degree. The "public education system" has taken the worst beating and is now nothing more than a gigantic "social experiment" that is not working out all that well!!

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    This was a bit before my time (I didn't come along until 1945). But when I was growing up, after about ten years of age, my brother and I had to earn our allowance. Had to help mom with chores around the house, mow the lawn...and we didn't have a gasoline powered lawn mower either, but one of those rotary blade mowers you had to push to make the blades turn. Some of you may remember the type I'm talking about. Later, when I got old enough to drive I had to buy my own car wiwth money I had saved frojm doing odd jobs in the neighborhood...mowing the grass for the neighbors, raking leaves and such. After I got my car, a 1956 Mercury, daddy didn't fork over the money for gas, oil, tires. During the school year I was at Winn-Dixie bagging groceries and stocking shelves on Friday afternoon after school and Saturday. In the summer I was in the tobacco fields from about 6:00am until, sometimes ten or eleven at night. After the day's harvesting was done we had to hang it in the tobacco barn for curing and monitor the heat to be sure it didn't get too hot or too cold. Then on Saturday it was back to Winn-Dixie again. On Sunday morning we went to church. I had Sunday afternoon to spend with my girlfriend. After tobacco harvesting was done, and it was cured, we had to tie it up in big sheets to be delivered to the market. Then, Monday thru Friday I was working in the tobacco warehouse unloading those sheets for the buyers when the farmers brought it in. Then Saturday...yep, you guessed it...back to Winn-Dixie. Folks, I didn't have TIME to get into any mischief, but you can be I learned about work ethic, responsibility and how to be frugal with my money. And I have absolutely no regrets. I had a great life growing up, and thanks to God's grace and mercy and what mom and dad taught me, when I finally got out on my own I was fully prepared to stand on my own two feet. And in my 74 years I've never been on welfare, drawn an unemployment check or food stamps, I've had some tough and lean times, but I've always been able to find a way to pay my own way. And I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
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