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Thread: Free Software to replace Windows/Microsoft Junk..

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    Default Free Software to replace Windows/Microsoft Junk..

    These are the best programs I have found over the years. ALL are available in free versions, but there are a few for which you may want to get the "paid version." Basuically the only difference between most free programs and paid programs is the free ones don't have all the bells and whistles.

    I’ve noticed a few computer questions scattered here and there, and it crossed my feeble mind that some might be interested in what I havefound to be the “best” free programs and apps over the years, for various purposes.

    Acrobat Reader for PDF reading and creation.

    Google Earth Pro. Find and view any location in then world. https://google-earth-pro.en.uptodown...ndows/download

    Libre Office. Replacement for Microsoft Office 365, and it’s better thanMicrosoft’s Office Suite.

    Apache Office. Analternative to Microsoft’s Office and Libre Office.

    VLC Media Player. Better than Windows Media Player by a long shot! Has fully customizable performance, surround sound, 10 band graphic equalizer, preamp, spatial adjustments for speaker locations, etc.

    Winamp media player. The classic, and once the best there was..still excellent.

    Windows repair tool. Repairs the 40+ Windows OS sectors that get wonky every now and then. Free version is available...just click on the pro/free one under “top programs.”

    Windows tweakingtool. Uses common “tweaks” for Windows to make it run faster.

    MyDefrag. The best defragmentation too I’ve ever found, bar none. Defrags all 6 zones of your HDD and puts the boot files up front.

    SmartDefrag. Speedy defragger that is for everyday use.

    Iobit programuninstaller. Gets rid of the program AND the crap that comes bundled with it when it installs.

    Driver booster. Finds outdated/corrupt drivers on your system and replaces them.

    Ccleaner. Cleansout privacy trackers and junk files, as well as doing registryrepairs.

    Wise Care 365. Cleans up your computer and has a number of subroutines you can runto get EVERYTHING cleaned up.

    SuperAntispyware. Cleans out any malware lurking in your system.

    Iobit AntiMalware. Gets whatever SuperAntuispyware might miss.

    Firefox Quantum browser. Very good browser, fully customizable.

    Opera Browser. Fully customizable browser with built-in VPN.

    OPERATING SYSTEM: Any version of Linux. I prefer Ubuntu, myself, but all the Linuxsystems are very good.
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    Thanks, Dogman. I've had good luck usin' WinASO for registry cleaning. Only open source OS that I've been happy with was Xubuntu 7.04 which was great for a dual boot with several Windows versions. VLC is great, and GOM player works well for me. Apache Office seems good, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_Vale74 View Post
    Thanks, Dogman. I've had good luck usin' WinASO for registry cleaning. Only open source OS that I've been happy with was Xubuntu 7.04 which was great for a dual boot with several Windows versions. VLC is great, and GOM player works well for me. Apache Office seems good, too.
    Any Linux distro is better than Windows!! XUbuntu ain't bad...I just prefer Ubuntu. VLC is probably the absolutely "best" media player around...has all the necessary adjustments for surround sound, and a preamp, 10-band graphic equalizer, and will play almost every type of file in existence. Apache Open Office and Office Libre are both better than Microsoft Office 365 by quite a margin...I have both. I use CCleaner and Wise 365 for registry cleaning/repair.

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    I've done a couple Linux Mint (18.3 cinnamon) installs, I'll take it over Windows 10 any day. My FIL is pretty computer illiterate and had without getting advice bought a used Windows 10 cloudbook (only had a 10 GB HDD). The friend he bought it from was starting to get dementia and passed shortly after selling the PC so my FIL had no way to set up or access the cloud based storage and had constant issues with popups, adware etc.....the PC was a typical Windows 10 bloatware filled POS and had about 7GB of free space. Windows update was constantly giving him errors because it was trying to download a major Windows 10 update that required 8+GB of free space. My FIL was obsessed with the Windows update error despite my advice that he simply couldn't put on that update and he would have to run it as is (all he does is light web browsing, email, and craigslist) so he let some genius he worked with take the PC home to "fix it". I have no idea what the guy tried to do but the PC would no longer boot up. So I took it home, loaded Linux Mint on it, gave it back to my FIL and everybody lived happily ever after.

    As far as free Windows stuff I'll vouch for the following:

    Avast free version AV software. I run it on all my household widows PCs and have had no issues with the protection, you do get some popups/tray alerts offering deals on the the full pay version but nothing too intrusive

    CCleaner. Solid tool or cleaning up junk and fixing registry issues.

    Malwarebytes. The free version is useful for scanning for stuff your AV might miss or not deem as harmful however the free version doesn't monitor real time so it's just a clean up tool. I've helped a couple people who had a virus their AV software missed and Malwarebytes was able to get rid of it.

    Open Office. I've run it on a PC and installed it for someone else that had a PC that wasn't purchased with Microsoft Office and it's a very capable replacement for Microsoft Office.
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