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Thread: illegals & voting

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    Default illegals & voting

    I always thought that the solution to this problem is just to enforce voter id to stop voter fraud.
    I figured easy peasy, just stop the illegals from voting, problem solved.
    I was mistaken
    And it explains why the rats are so torqued out about the citizenship question on the census
    and why the Trump admin is using the voting rights act to justify adding it.


    Kobach: “Think of it this way. There are 710,000 people per representative in Congress. But if you live in a district like Maxine Waters’ district out in California, probably half or more of your district is [comprised of] illegal aliens. And so you may have only 350,000 citizens voting in your district. Those citizens vote count twice as much as your vote or my vote if you live in a district that doesn’t have tons of illegal aliens. So you have vote dilution where some people votes matter more than others because they tons of illegal aliens in their district.

    “It’s a dirty little secret that they don’t want to talk about. The 1964 Supreme Court decision, Wesberry v. Sanders, voting dilution is unconstitutional. You can’t have one Congressional district with fewer voters than there are in another Congressional district.

    “And, because of illegal immigration we have crazy dis-proportional representation, extraordinary numbers where in a Midwestern seat you may have to get 120,000 votes to win your election, in Waters’ district you may only need 40,000.”

    This means that a sanctuary state like California may have as many as 14 additional Congressional districts than it should have by law.

    Essentially, this diminishes the power of every American voter since the more illegal aliens resident in any state, the greater the number of congressional representatives that state will have.

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    Jury tampering...this is vote tamping., design...

    It is how today's Ishmaelites operate....they will tamp any and win...sufficient to put everyone else in bondage...servitude to help them keep and maintain power.

    They are openly selling, bartering, and trading the very soul and essence of America and Americans to keep and maintain power and control over this country. They cannot change their spots.

    The Irony of it all is how many leftist/progressive states are economically as well as socially going down the toilet bowl.

    I suspect that by 2016 enough Americans were catching on and much of this leftist chaos could no longer be concealed from Americans..and Americans thusly voted....and they, the left, cannot stand it!!

    Wondering to myself how and in what innovative Ishmaelite ways the left is going to hide California and what is happening there and in other rabidly leftist states from the American People.

    How are they going to hide the herding and group think which is so ruining these leftist states which are attempting to become the template or pattern for the rest of the country to default ??? No thinking required...only "Emoting " allowed.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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