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Thread: defining have to be educated to be this stupid!!!!

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    Default defining have to be educated to be this stupid!!!!

    I just caught this ...on Breitbart News Network...and was stunned at the stupidity behind it....

    Also the obvious belief/religion that they are sitting on the only one in town.....

    They are counting on the Average American being stupid....and they might not be all that wrong...

    But for those of us who catch it becomes obvious how stupid they are ...and the very very bad that this is what is passing for leadership today.

    This is the kind of nonsense running for President.

    It is a non does not follow...once you know...

    We are going to see much much more of this between now and the 2020 election simply because about all the left has on their agenda to sell the souls of their "Faithful" for votes is this kind of "Blame Game" and or Victimization.

    The question to be asked is with whom are these sex starved males having sex???

    Whom is expected...yea...taken for granted will be paying for these abortions???? How much of it will be on the public purse...particularly with the common availability of contraception today.

    What was that woman's name...years ago..demanding contraception on the public a woman's right?? Of course they wanted it because of sex starved males...yes???

    You really have to be educated to become this stupid and think no one notices.

    This is what is trying to pass for leadership today.

    The very sickening and depraved appeal to people by their sex and sexuality for votes. More Good cop/Bad cop.

    They just don't think anyone notices out here.

    Ishmaelites run wild...

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    Was that woman's name...Fluke...demanding contraception on the public purse...because of sex starved males????


    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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