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Thread: audio book communism is ruling our world

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    Default audio book communism is ruling our world

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    Many years ago......I was taught by an Economics PHD that there are more Communists in our public school system and in particular in our colleges and universities than in Moscow.

    This professor turned out to be correct...May he rest in Peace.

    I have also read in two different books...about the origins of Communism through the group called...[b]"The Internationale"[/b} the 1800s in Europe.

    While these two books cover a multitude of other groups....Communism through The Internationale..I found most interesting.

    Also of interest to me was the history and groups behind the Irish problem the Brits are having in the UK going back to the 1600s and the Peep O Day boys.

    Nonetheless these two books are

    Nesta Webster..

    Secret Societies and Subversive Movements

    Edith Starr Miller...aka.. her pen name.... Lady Queenborough

    Occult Theocracy

    A lot of history in these books not covered by most of Public education.

    But one of the historical aspects in these books of which I found interesting is the origins of the Communist Party as well as the origins of the Russian Revolution in 1917...not what most people think.

    Thanks for the link finris..I have bookmarked it for future listening when I am about my labors around here.

    Not an Ishmaelite

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