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Thread: Made ham radio antenna repairs honeydoos.

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    Default Made ham radio antenna repairs honeydoos.

    Did some of my own honeydoos on which I have been procrastinating....

    My long wave HF ham radio antenna began sagging and had lost some 15 feet of altitude at the feed point up in a pine tree.

    This antenna is fed by what is called Ladder line.

    I fished a new line up into the tree with my boat pole and some 25 lb test line. ..pulling up several lengths of 1/8th inch nylon line from Home depot..tied end to end in 50 foot lengths. On the end of this line I put a pulley through which I ran another line connected to my long wire antenna where the Ladder Line connects to some 500 feet of 12 gauge wire from Lowes.

    The pulley line I hoisted up to some 65 to 70 feet in elevation..and then tied this off.... the other line connected to the antenna I then hoisted up through the pulley and tied this off.

    Now my feed point is some 20 feet higher than previous.

    When you work the long range HF frequencies it is good to have your feed point high up off the ground.

    I like to keep this rig on the line ready to go ....just in case. I also have temporary antennas which can be put up out in the field if need be and run from a vehicle. I have done this from my truck and used my truck with my radio hooked up in it to a long wire external antenna for better altitude. I have a HF mobile antenna on my truck but this is not as efficient as a true long wire external HF antenna...for working the long wave frequencies.

    Also have spare VHF/UFH antennas that can be hoisted up temporarily for better range and efficiency on those shorter wavelength frequencies.

    Most of this work was done on my roof top.....but I was glad to get it done.

    Also worked on my 42 inch riding mower but did not get it started. I am not getting spark..but thought the problem was in my carburetor solenoid. Was able to test the carburetor solenoid on one of my spare batteries I keep on the other side of my garage. It works fine.
    I now think I have a problem with the ignition coil or the solid state ignition module ..if this mower even has such an module.

    Nonetheless I am down to having no fire on the wire.

    I will get this worked out....eventually. I don t like the idea of going back to a walk behind mower...not looking forward to that...but will if I cannot get this mower going.

    Lots to do around here but am not going to let it work me to distraction and inefficiency...even carelessness.

    Taking lots of breaks and drinking lemonade...on the rocks.

    Think I am going to get cleaned up and take a trip to the gun club and check out the bulletin board for any good sales on gear.


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    Had a friend who moved into a suburban tract home back in the 70's. First thing he did was install Kaiser lawn. Pulled up the sod the developer had laid and called in a ready-mix truck. Green dye in the cement and he never had to worry about mowin' again.
    As for the antenna, we have so many hills around here that CB is almost useless and all the Hams we had in the area have passed. Used to be 3 of 'em within a mile of my place. Don't even know who got their towers.

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    Went out into my garage this morning and disassembled the top of my riding mower to get to the coil. Removed it and ordered another by the numbers printed on it. Should be here in a couple of days.

    Hope this repairs the problem. This riding mower is almost 20 years olde now....something was bound to wear out. But I will keep it going as long as I can.

    While I was working on it I installed a fuel cut off valve just downstream of the fuel filter. This way I can run the carburetor dry when not using it for awhile. Need to get another fuel shut off valve for my other push mower. I have found that particularly with this alcohol gasoline it is best to run the carburetors dry when not using them for long periods of time...and storing them.


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