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Thread: Another uprising by BLM might be brewing, like in Ferguson, MO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fidel. MD View Post
    And this is why standard-capacity magazines are needed....A couple of them.
    I carry three mags. One in the gun and two of 51 rounds. They don't want to start any crap with me. I also have two other 17 round mags at the house, and if necessary I'll load both of them and carry all five. I no longer have Sandy to be concerned about and all my kids are grown, so I've got nothing to lose. So, want to start something with me? Go ahead, SUCKER!

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    This crap should not be allowed to take place.
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    Cammie, this was on my local news this morning but I ignored it due to having the volume turned down really low. I also have family that live between Snook and Somerville. Gonna have to give them the heads up to keep their head on a swivel.

    Please keep me updated if the natives get restless around there.
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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    Will do Cav. The Texas Rangers are investigating the situation. Lots of coming and going at the courthouse this morning. No signs of Antifa. Just a few BLM folks holding up signs. Fairly quiet right now.
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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