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    I've been listening to all this scare hype, but in reality, no one has settled on a standard frequency. The different providers are all over the place. Tmobile is around 2 Gig, Verizon around 30 Gig, big difference and a lot are not committed or licensed to frequency at this point.. Sure, microwave ovens mounted on telephone poles spaced at 500 feet will cause a problem, but it is far from there, yet
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    Herding under the guise of great convenience....dependence on more technology with the result of more Machines which will thus do our thinking for us under the guise of convenience..

    Monitoring capabilities to go along with the herding.

    The higher one goes on the frequency spectrum the more one goes into the Radar bands....meaning getting cooked by the higher frequencies...with longer exposure at these radar frequencies...particularly as one goes closer to the x ray bands.

    But at what power settings??? More power at higher frequencies...the more cooking...microwave effect....or on the other end....being exposed by extended use at lower power settings for longer periods of time.

    It is all a type of radiation exposure...only at the frequency spectrum...radar range.

    Higher frequency ...more bandwidth...more information going both ways.

    Interesting video..I have bookmarked it.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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