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Thread: Got my new EDC in the mail today!

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    Default Got my new EDC in the mail today!

    Oh my! This is so much more comfortable than my other bag. My other bag is a bit bigger but doesn't have as many Mollie connects as this one does. I took it for a spin right after it got here, loaded with weights to feel the balance. It's absolutely perfect! It really forms to my body and there are so many ways I can wear it. Front, back, either side. The waist belt secures it for balance very nicely. I can hardly tell I have it on, other than a little extra weight but it distributes the weight very well and it's very well made. Dbl stitching, water proof and has it's own built in rain coat and wicking. I LOVE IT!

    When I wear my other bag, I have to be careful when walking with a load because it's a backpack style which makes me have to walk leaning forward a bit. After a while, my backs hurts. This one is a shoulder style pack. Well worth the money for sure!


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