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Thread: Anti Gunners are at it again...expect more of this before the 2020 election

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    Default Anti Gunners are at it again...expect more of this before the 2020 election

    The anti gunners are at it again...demonstrating clearly that Americans cannot be trusted to own guns...

    They are also trying to pass false messaging and changing words to slip one past unthinking Americans.

    This is not the first time this has been tried.

    I believe it was shot down some years back in a court case as rights are not subject to such insurance coverage as are privileges.

    Here..this ...

    The slick change or shift in word mis instead of using the word in the Bill of Rights...they slip in the word.."Privileges" and then proceed as if this is normal. It is not.

    The 2nd Amendment is a right ...under the Bill of Rights and in particular the First 10 Amendments which are all "Limits" on governments ..not on the people.

    What governments try to do and as New York is demonstrating by slick changing of the shift the 2nd Amendment into the Arena of "Privileges." Government Issues and thereby regulated and controlled as are.. "Privileges."

    Do any of you remember when coming up when it was called your Right to Vote.

    Now days they are calling it your voting Privilege. When was a switch made and I don't remember anyone publically stating a switch had been made from rights to privileges.

    Be Warned the deceitful lying ....misdirecting and fakery of Leadership in this seeking to put people into bondage.

    And remember..and get the word out.... " If you cannot be trusted with a gun ...why would you ever be trusted with a vote.??"

    They now calling your right to vote a privilege too.....Be Warned.

    And someone is bringing thousands and thousands of illegals and planning to put them on the voting rolls to outvote the American people.....meaning you cannot be trusted to vote in a predictable, controllable, malleable, guaranteed manner ...but Illegals can.

    Be Warned.

    With the 2020 election coming up the left has tapped themselves out of any hard core issues because they have hit up about all the free money give away issues for votes that the American people can stand.

    I suspect that the Illegal Alien give aways have really awakened a lot of Americans to how parasitic the left really is on the public purse.

    This leaves "gun control" as an issue to create/manufacture the next bad guys for the left go after and thus get votes from their faithful....with the 2020 election coming up.

    Remember what I keep saying...good cop/bad cop....manufacturing a bad guy to go after. This is what the left has done with the NRA....constantly ...manufacture a bad guy.

    Buckle are going to see more and more of this "Gaslighting" and by the same usual suspects before the 2020 election.......going after the property of people who have committed no crime.

    This is the nature of the insanity going on in America....because we cannot be trusted to own guns.. nor with our votes.

    My Non Ishmaelite .02,

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