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EMTALA is a horrible idea. The last time I was in OBGYN ward. 10 rooms at the state hospital in the section. 5-7 non English speakers. No insurance, no way to pay for anything. Having the anchor babies. I really hate to see people stealing from a system that I'm paying for in taxes....They also need to get rid of the born here citizen crap. You are the citizen of the country of your parents. Mama mexi/guat or what ever. So we can deport you and your whole family.
I'm not sure exactly how that law works, but it is not guaranteed. My previous manager married her HS sweetheart right after they both graduated from HS. He speaks perfect english. Works masonry construction. A few years after marriage and a couple kids, he gets a letter to voluntarily deport. His parents were here illegally, and he was born here. I spent some coin in legal fees to help get him legalized, without knowing the whole story, that he had crossed illegally and been caught a few times and deported. Long story short he is good to come over in about 5 years, basically serving a sort of sentence for the illegal crossings.

So basically, he is not an anchor baby or citizen apparently.