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Thread: Socialism: A Lesson From The Dead

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    Default Socialism: A Lesson From The Dead

    I know some are not fans of Glenn Beck, however, this needs to be spread far and wide.

    Synopsis: In the 1960's, a document was smuggled out of Czechoslovakia and given to the US Senate with a warning. The document was buried and forgotten, until Glenn's team of researchers found it in the archives in DC. The document was stolen from the Soviet archives, smuggled out, and showed how the USSR flipped the country, legally, in 3 years. They flipped the country without firing a shot, and we are seeing the same 5 steps in play today. He ties the same document to current events, and to a few chalkboards he did years ago at Fox. There are some graphic images at the start, and footage from Venezuela. This is a message you ignore at your own peril. 4 of the steps have (theoretically) been completed.
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