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Thread: so it begins...more bannings before the 2020 election cycle begins....

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    No. Our immigration laws suck as they are. That's what Trump has been bitching about since he bid to run for pres. The law NEEDS to be changed or our country will continue to be forced to catch and release and be taken over.
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    I saw were someone was banned on twitter for being supportive of Trump labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist Organization. H has pointed out the same that the social media areas are clamping down on conservatives. He promoted another site that is up and has very free ideals. Yes the censorship has kicked into high gear. I would guess in the coming months we will see it get worse. The illegals need to be stripped of any "rights" and sent back to home of origin. No anchor babies. Mom is Mexican and baby is Mexican... No more BS.

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