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Thread: Vigilantism or mob the left...

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    Default Vigilantism or mob the left...

    In my sometimes rabid musings I found myself running down this trail and considering what would happen in this country if the rule of law broke down....

    Would we turn to vigilantism in solving o ur problems.

    However....something unexpected came to Light about Vigilantism....

    I suddenly realized that in their desperation ...the left...the progressives were morphing into a form of Vigilantism.....mob rule to get their way and control the people and the news. They even appear to be coming even more out in the open with their form and desperation in the pattern of Vigilantism before the 2020 elections...

    And I mean at times rabid uncontrolled mob rule...they way they carry on..and it is mostly the same olde same olde "Usual Suspects" doing it.

    Is my imagination getting the best of me or have some of the other members noticed this almost rabid uncontrolled pattern of political/social the left..the progressives in the way and manner they are going after Donald Trump and company ???

    The same "Usual Suspects" carrying the politics and also the media shilling for the point of becoming their uncontrolled even rabid zeal...Vigilantism.

    Uncontrolled...rabid Ishmaelites run amok...

    Am I imagining too far in this. I think this will wax much much worse and desperate as the 2020 elections near.

    Asking myself if this awareness of this vigilantism will be important to our survival as a nation and people as 2020 nears. And hence I have posted this thread in the second General Discussion section.

    MY non Ishmelite .02,

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    Maybe they perceive themselves as vigilantes but they're nothing more than activists......
    Don't bring skittles to a gun fight.

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    OT, YES, THEY ARE as you say, and that will be the fall of the democrat party.
    The true Dems are being pushed aside for this new progressive craziness. It's killing the party and they can't seem to get it under control. That party is split so badly right now, that I don't think it will survive. Moderate Dems are on their way out unless they join the right and fight back. Even for a short term. I don't have huge issues with moderate Dems but the rest of them are flat out nuts and need to be delt with swiftly. The only way I can see that happening is for them to join forces with us so we can get everything back to normal and have a real balance of power on both sides without promoting a killing field.
    It's ok to disagree as true Dems and reps once did, but this is a whole new ball game. Our country is literally under siege!
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    All of this reminds me a lot of the civil rights movement.....or a somewhat pattern of it.
    It's early in the game and the goal and prize is 2020. I predict that the closer it comes to the election cycle the more desperate the dems will become because they ain't got nothing to offer except to promise free crap to everyone who will take it. One problem with that.....I believe a lot more of the public out there realizes you just can't give things away.
    I still am of the opinion that what we are seeing on the fake news channels are lies and more importantly PROPAGANDA. The same pundits saying the same things day after day, all the while the viewer numbers are falling on these outlets because some people have found out they have been sold a sack of poop.
    Cammie your right it is a SIEGE.......its do or die for the dems.......and the deep state, these two groups are hand in hand and are trying to keep the status quo in place.
    They are afraid of being exposed of the traitors they truely are and how they have made their ill gotten wealth and sold this country and its peoples out.

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    I agree with the folks in this thread. The left is in the process of tearing themselves apart. But like Cammi said it is the far left. But just like the muslims the moderates are silent about calling the far left out, just like the radical muzzies. And that will be their downfall.
    And no OT you are right on track IMO.
    Greater love hath no man than this, That a man lay down his life for a friend.
    John 15:13

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    about a month til the 2019 activist season - it'll be about the same as 2018 - unless - DOJ Barr starts opening his sealed indictments and heads begin to roll >>>> could see some major **** if the big wigs start to topple ....

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    concerning this in your post...above..

    The true Dems are being pushed aside for this new progressive craziness. It's killing the party and they can't seem to get it under control. That party is split so badly right now, that I don't think it will survive. Moderate Dems are on their way out unless they join the right and fight back.

    I'd not been picking up on much news and information until some time this week...and that is what I picked up on in a quick look at a commentary on Fox News.
    First I had even considered it outside of the madness going on I tend to describe as rabid vigilantism.
    A rabid mob...including the MSM in this.

    When I can I am watching this trend line on the left.....this could be very very desperate.

    I just get tired and disgusted with the same olde repetition ....good cop/bad cop....manufacturing a bad guy in the news...trying to set the hook and reel us in to their mob mentality. It just gets so can see it coming.

    At the same time I am prepared for some manufactured national event..disaster of the Las Vegas shooting type or scale for the purpose of stroking public before the election...used to manufacture public sentiment...fear or votes.

    I too notice that more and more people are catching on to the fake news format..but will it be enough to wake up sufficient to effect the election with Truth???

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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