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Thread: SHTF HAM radio Nets

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    Default SHTF HAM radio Nets

    IS there a Prepper net plan for the HAM HF bands?

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    I am not involved in any ham prepper net plans.....but I do know that there are preppers out there as well as other groups with their own concerns.

    Mostly I communicate with my friend a few states the evenings on 75 meters. We known how to find each other and the times when our schedules can accommodate the same.

    We know to be cautious of land line and in particular cell phones in national in emergencies.

    We can also CW if need be.

    We can hook up in an emergency via land line and then switch to the two way or night. we have worked out what bands work best day and then it is not the same frequencies.

    Distance is about 400 miles.

    We worked out our systems needs and accomodations first....then looked for certain groups.

    Many meet on scheduled nets...then QSY to other frequencies for their particular business after meeting on these NETS.

    a very 73 to you ....and your house.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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