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Thread: What's in your survival bag?

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    Default What's in your survival bag?

    Care to share?

    Here's mine...
    We live about 40 miles from anywhere so my EDC bag is set up for 5 days instead of 3, just to be on the safe side and it's easy to carry for long treks.
    I have a 5 day bag that weighs 31.4 pounds.
    My BOB weighs 38 pounds.
    I weigh 135 pounds and am in pretty good shape endurance wise.

    5 DAY BAG:

    NOTE: asterisks * means, in the bag.

    Seasonal change of clothes
    *2 pair Socks
    *1 pair Underwear
    *hair tie
    *Ball cap
    *Reading glasses

    Phone and *charger and *solar charging pad.
    *Hand held CB/radio
    *Walkie talkie

    Pack tent for BOB, & *SOS Bivy for EDC
    * 6 Stakes
    *Zip ties
    *Flashlight ( *extra batteries )
    *Light sticks
    *sm tool kit
    *Steel wool
    Seasonal cover for sleeping (or) sleep sack
    *Colapsable pillow
    *A couple of hand warmers

    *2Sawyer water filter kit
    *2 bottles flavored water

    Dry food
    *6 power bars
    Beef jerky
    *Small container coffee
    *pks of sugar
    *Tooth picks
    *Gum and hard candy
    *Small pk tissues for TP
    *Wet wipes

    *Fire starter sticks

    Small hatchet
    *Small leatherman
    *Camping knife
    *2 folding knifes
    *Rugar .380 pistol and ammo
    *Safety pins ( keep on carabiner )
    *Topical map
    *Duct tape (small roll)
    *Sheet of aluminum foil folded up
    *Dryer lint

    *Cash in paper

    * First Aid kit and meds
    * harmone, *GERD, *Tylenol, *tums, *pain, *lip balm
    *Bee balm ( small tin )
    *sm Bug spray
    *Insect repellant wrist band
    *Purell wipes
    *Latex gloves (3 pr)
    *Note pad and fine tip sharpie
    *Back scratcher (colapsable )
    *sweat bands
    *SM sewing kit (*scissors, *needle, *seam ripper, *thread, *bulk elastic, *twist pins, *pencil, *thimble

    *Handcuff key ( keep in sock) for (illegal detention)

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    Iíll have to tear my bag down and then reassemble it to know exactly what all is in it. I like the idea of a handcuff key. Iíve never thought about that before. My job is 15 miles from home. If I were to push myself I think I could walk this in 2 days.

    Here are the things that I know are in it, and things that I keep in my car that could be added or removed depending on the situation;

    In my car;

    Large first aid kit
    8 bottles of water
    Paracord of different lengths
    A tarp
    Spare holsters for my 2 9mm pistols
    150 rounds of 9mm
    Plastic eating utensils
    2 Mexican blankets, one 4íX6í and the other queen bed size
    Work gloves

    In my GHB;

    Small misc. none perishable food
    Life Straw
    A couple of knives
    Small knife sharpening stone
    Magnesium stick
    Half a liter of denatured alcohol
    2 pairs of socks and seasonal clothes
    Folding shovel
    Work gloves
    a bottle of tramadol (pain pills)
    A couple of different hats
    A couple of small flashlights with spare batteries

    And I canít remember what else. I do need to add some sun block to the list though. Some SPF 50 or something high like that.
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    I keep a list of everything in both my bags ( both in the bag it relates to, plus a hard copy in a folder and a Dup copy on my devices) so I can adjust if needed, from my list, retrieve, add or replace. That way I can go straight to my bag and go to the proper labeled bag with those items in it rather than rummaging to look for it. I keep everything seperated per their category to make it easy to adjust, add, replace or remove. I also keep a seperate list of possible additions I might want or need and I keep small amounts of those items in a specific location in my store to grab on the fly.

    Hubs says with all the stuff I already do, I still have too much time on my hands. My rebuttal is that I'm utilizing that by doing this. He didn't argue further. 😜
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    I doubt this is complete, but like 91Cav I have stuff in the car and more in my GHB. Here is most of it.

    fixed blade, leatherman super tool, and folding knife
    Folding shovel
    2 tarps
    Leather gloves
    Windproof glove liners
    Bomber hat
    Boonie hat
    some meds, flashlight/batteries
    cooler with case of water bottles

    GHB, Mountiansmith lumbar pack/shoulder straps:
    lighter, fire steel, fire striker, fuel tabs
    fixed blade knife, stone
    para cord, 2 biners, climbing pully
    fuel canister, small folding stove, cup
    bandannas, balaclava, warm gloves, leather gloves, wicking long sleeve shirt
    mixed food
    mixed meds
    Ham radio
    tp, wipes, hand cleaner
    yard bags, tarp
    Sawyer water purifier, water bottles
    trap wire, fishing kits

    Most likely more I've forgot. I work 34 miles from the house. I plan that I could make it in 3-4 days and I'm near 2 lakes and rivers for a good portion of the route, so getting more food is a possibility.
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    You both have good a list but one thing I will not carry is a folding shovel. Too much weight. If I need to dig, I'll sharpen the end of a sturdy branch and dig with that. When done, I can leave it behind.
    My small tool kit has fishing gear in it. I do have some freeze dried food in both of my bags. Forgot I just added those a couple of days ago and forgot to list it. Thanks for the reminder! 😀
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    The shovel is in my truck. I wouldn't carry it, doubtful I'd carry the hatchet either. I did forget a folding pruning saw that I probably would take if the weather was cold. Almost no noise when used and will cut up to a 3" limb. But I'm not likely to have a fire when traveling. I want to cover as much ground as fast as I can. Part of my food is freeze dried, jar of peanut butter, some bars type. I want mostly stuff I can eat while moving. Maybe have one hot meal at a good rest point each day.
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    Also, have you thought about carrying peanut butter powder instead of a jar of PB? It's a whole lot lighter. You just add a couple tsps of water to equal amount of PB and voila.. Good stuff too. I buy the 1 gal jugs from SAMS and use it at home too.

    Have you weighed your pack? I put mine on the scale every time I adjust it so I can maintain the weight that is comfortable for me to carry on long treks.
    To stay in shape, about every three days I'll wear my loaded pack alternating both packs when working around the house so my body won't shock if the real deal happens and I have evac.
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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    Never even heard of PB Powder. I'll have to check that out.
    Never weighted the pack, but I'm a back packer so cutting weight is high on the list. However I won't scrimp on quality gear for less weight. I'd guess in the 20 lb range. Good idea on staying used to the weight. That will help you a lot.
    Greater love hath no man than this, That a man lay down his life for a friend.
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    Obviously, packs should be lighter in the Summer. Mine drops between 8 and 10 pounds and I still carry a light wind breaker but not in my pack. I tie it around my right thigh.
    PB powder is delicious and creamy. I can't tell the difference between it and Jiffy.

    This is what I buy..
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    "I made a list of the items in my small GHB. All of this equipment and supplies are in a small duffle bag measuring only 12" long x6" round with two small hand held handles that have a carabiner clip on each It weighs only 6# for this entire collection, so carrying it is a non issue. All of the following items are in the 1st of 2 double bagged, gallon freezer bags for waterproofing in the duffle bag;

    I don't have a bug out bag per se. My GHB is meant for that walk up to 100 miles, and basically overnight in an emergency. I also have everything listed so no un needed searching for an item.

    -Sheffield small axe/multitool
    -50 brass round box of 9 mm ammo
    -Ozark Trail multitool
    -1 pr of white cotton gloves
    -2 prs of blue surgical gloves
    -2 pairs N95 face masks
    -Altoid tin full of soaked cotton balls, and a lighter
    -Altoid tin full of 3" long dry tinder, and matches
    -Energizer 400 lumens, 6 mode head lamp/spare batteries
    -1 roll of duct tape
    -1 folding compass with instructions
    -1 Lifestraw water filter
    -Ohio road map
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________
    All of this is in the second double bagged gallon freezer bag inside of the duffle bag;

    -small (complete) first aid kit
    -travel size soap/hand sanitizer
    -Flip note pad with pen/pencil/marker for writing notes
    -yellow DISTRESS flag
    -50 yards of black paracord
    -Cardboard TP roll stuffed with rolled TP
    -2 Little Hotties hand warmers
    -paper clips/zip ties/rubber bands
    -2 prs of foam ear plugs
    -2 lg black trash bags in a roll
    -4 chewy 100 calorie granola bars

    Separately, I have my normal EDC items, and my CCW in my pockets, or on my belt."

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