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Thread: What's in your survival bag?

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    Ckelly, is your pack an urban, or long distance rural EDC?

    Hubs and I make 4 trips a year ( seasonal) at a minimum of 30 miles each trip with our packs. Comfort for our feet, legs and backs are extremely important. Most everything in our packs are disposable along our routes which makes the packs much lighter toward the end. By the end of our trips, we barely feel the packs on our backs.

    At the beginning of our journey, we're both energized, strong and ready to rock. After day 3 we start feeling a bit tired but still strong. When we get back home,the first thing we do is shower. Then we have a hot meal and talk about our trip, what we've depleted and what we didn't need or could do without. This is how we created our packs. Process of elimination without compromising some comforts and conveniences.
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    Without ever actually hiking the 30 miles home (mostly through farm country rural roads), I put together a small pack that would help me accomplish this with items that might help along the way. I always keep my CCW, and several bottle of water in my car, along with this bag, so if stuck on a highway somewhere, I do have a helper pack to get home....not meant for camping trips.

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