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Thread: This is interesting! Barr explains....

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    Default This is interesting! Barr explains....

    I didn't realize this about the ACA mandate, and that with the mandate gone, the rest of the ACA can't stand on the SC ruling because it can no longer be classified as a tax. Hummmmm.

    Listen to Barr explain it.
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    Justice Roberts will save it again .... just watch.

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    they are avoiding the nature of the argument of a tax.

    There are two types of taxes.....outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

    Direct taxes and indirect or excise taxes...

    Of Which kind of tax is Feinstein about Barr?????

    If it is a tax....if falls under one of these or indirect......

    Looks like no one wants to go there on this???

    They should.

    I think it is the application of the ACA which someone does not want to be exposed....bondage....Ishmael........the 13th Amendment....Putting some Americans in bondage..involuntary pay for others to get care for free..under the guise of a tax...

    I don't think someone wants this to be the people.

    Direct or indirect tax?????

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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