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Thread: it's hitting the fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camouflaged View Post
    Flock, that's where I get some of my corn but we also have a producers co-op where the corn is grown locally. That saves a ton of money and I like buying local for grinding my cornmeal/corn flour for making cornbread.

    I have never stepped foot in there but I drive past it quit often. The next time Im over there I need to make it a point to go inside.
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    Really? You've lived here all this time and never gone to the co-op? It's an awesome place for just about anything you would want. Food, animal feed, plants, seeds, both pkged and organic loose seeds, gardens supplies, tack, livestock meds, tools and implements, and so on..You can buy in bulk or singles.
    They also sell some meats. Both wild games and domestic. I love the home smoked and cured slab bacon. Bison, pork and deer sausage. Seasonally they have dove and quail.

    They process all their own grains from local farms. You can pre-order your own mixed feed grain if you choose.
    If you have 5 acres or more, you can become a member and of course tax exempt and you collect reward points for end of year purchases. I've been a member since 1994 and have saved tons of money.

    Also, have you been to Redfield meat market on Texas Ave? That place is a 'must go to' as well! Oh my gosh that place is fantastic! I refuse to buy our meat from the grocery stores. I go to Redfield about once every 3 or 4 months to stock our meat locker for the season. Can't beat the quality and service!
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    looks like China might be foreced to buy some pork from us irregardless or the trade war.

    "China is killing a third of its pigs because of a gruesome and incurable fever, which could drive up the price of pork around the world"

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