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Israel has anti missile defense system for tanks, and Helicopters. The U.S. has been begging for them. Israel has turned over the iron dome to the U.S. to defend Saudi Arabia. These are not the top of the line that they have been stocking up on for the next. war. The Patriot missile defense system is an ok system. Israel has already developed a better system in my opinion. They have a multi layered missile defense system, that is proven 88%-96% effective depending on some unknown things "secret". Tying the Patriot missile system will give Israel control over the X ban system, which they don't have. The X ban is stationed in multiple countries and has more satellites than Israel has on they're own. For some reason I seem to think that this is also a help in targeting situations. I think someone with more understanding would have to weigh in on that. WE all see Iran trying to put off a confrontation with the U.S. and Israel. I think they are waiting for the Dems to get more control and or get rid of Trump. We see how anti Israel the DEms are being. How many Democrats had anything to say about Hamas launching over 700 missiles at Israeli civilians... 90% Had nothing to say. I guess we will see.
The " unknown things secret " would be the hand of God. Anyone who f's with Israel will get their ass handed to them. In a basket. Chopped up into little pieces. Don't mess with Israel.