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Thread: Homestead Rescue show

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    Quote Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
    They SERIOUSLY need to take lessons from Eustace Conway, of THE MOUNTAIN MEN tv show. Now THERE'S a man who knows what its all about.

    you're kidding? .... Conway is the biggest con man on reality TV - most of the reality show people have to be pushed & shoved by the producers to do some of the crap >>>> Conway is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of the producers when it comes to the fake crap ....

    that Turtle Island place of his is a commercial enterprise - there's a full office with a receptionist & secretaries - his real home is some big old thing with satellite dishes and luxuries - there's a big parking lot with all kinds of ad wrapped company vehicles >>>> they film around the modern stuff most of the time - every once and awhile something shows thru - they film a little piece under a pavilion on a bad weather day - background was his 8 foot round sunken fire pit for his big catered events ....

    he's total azzhole tooo boot - his "intern" employes disfigured and permanently half blinded a woman guest doing some BS stunt - Conway not only refused to negotiate a settlement but didn't pay her hospital bills ... that one whole season a few years ago when he was "raising" money to pay the county - that was the $$$$$ he was sued for by this poor woman - he made it sound like taxes or fines or some other BS ....
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