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Thread: In radio communication/conversation with my friend out in Tennessee....

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    Default In radio communication/conversation with my friend out in Tennessee....

    In speaking with my friend some 400 miles west of me out near Johnson City, Tennessee....I would pick him up in the evenings on a scheduled network..wherein people meet from all across the country..from Florida up to Ohio and points west from here in coastal Virginia.

    What we do is meet on that particular frequency and when the scheduled network communications meeting is over...I will call him or vice versa and we would go way down frequency where it is much less the Extra portion of the frequency spread.

    I told him over the airways..about the EBT cards possibly running out at the end of the month and for him and his woman both to be very careful in going to the grocery store after that date if no provisions have been made to keep the program open.

    He had not been keeping track of the news and information on this out there in Tennessee...and I am glad I was able to bring him up to date. Both him and his woman go well heeled when out and about but I felt it information they both need to know and be up on this before the date arrives anon.

    Glad we have this alternate mode of communication though we also have hard line and cell phones.

    They too are not interested in Ishmaelites and even more so than myself.


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