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Thread: Trump in McAllen, Texas. AMAZING!

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    Default Trump in McAllen, Texas. AMAZING!

    Not the stupid reporter as Trump lands and works the ropes, as this reporter says, but the border patrol meeting was INCREDIBLE! If you can skip through the landing and rope greet and meet, you'll love the rest of it! It's 1 hour and 45 minutes total but the meeting is well worth watching. The Dems are gonna explode! This is their noose!
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    Gotta run Camouflaged..but bookmarked it for viewing over the weekend...

    Time constraints running close now...catch up with the boards over the weekend

    Thanks for posting it Camouflaged.


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    boy that's one liberal talking reporter for Texas - he's got the CNN script down pat - surprised that TV station doesn't get buried in negative phone calls - reporting like that can't be very helpful in selling ad space ....

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    The border is notoriously democratic although the democrat party has left them for liberalism.

    On another note, does our Prez have the cajones or what? Christmas visit to ME, and Trump is among armed troops, and then again on border visits among armed LEO. Now I am friends with a pipeline superintendent that gets shot at most times his crews are working close to river. Although contractually pipelines are supposed to be unarmed, these are the most heavily packing group of unarmed men I've ever been around. When shots start coming in, they gather behind trucks and then all unload together a volley of return fire. I'm curious what firepower may have been looking across the river for potential sniper activity.
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    All is as it should other news, I had the honor to salute President Reagan, face to face, in 1983, as a young Marine, out in Ca....

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