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Thread: Mossberg 4x4 in .270 and TenPoint Titan IV crossbow and 20 cases MRE's

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    Default Mossberg 4x4 in .270 and TenPoint Titan IV crossbow and 20 cases MRE's

    Mossberg 4x4 in.270 Black synthetic stock
    BSA Mildot scope
    50 rounds of ammo

    Asking $340.00

    TenPoint Titan IV crossbow with scope
    Carrying case
    Steddy Eddy Stick
    about 20 bolts, all tipped, three are hunting tips.
    String dampening system
    Accudraw cocking system

    Asking $700.00

    MRE cases stored in house, in closet with A/C
    Military issue, pulled them off pallets before they were sent to sandbox
    They are past inspection dates by a few years, Inspection dates vary. $20.00/case or all for $350.00

    I am in San Antonio, TX so no shipping. You can see pics on Texas Gun Trader site, or San Antonio Craigslist for crossbow. pm me with email
    and I will send pics.
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    I think that Mossberg rifle is a step up from their ATR (all terrain rifle) series. I have had a Mossberg ATR .270 rifle for about 10 years now and it is a great rifle. You canít go wrong with the .270 caliber either. With the right ammo it will take down just about any big game that we have here in the states. A 130 grain round going 3,000 ft/sec will do some damage!!!
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