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Thread: saw my source for information today.

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    Default saw my source for information today.

    Again today I ran one of my scooters about town to get the arthritis knocked out of it by just running it a bit.

    While out and about I ran by the business of one of my sources of information and or certain goods.

    I sometimes get ammo there but not reloading supplies.

    I also sometimes run into some silver coins there and will pick them up...and put them away.

    Today and to my surprise..he had two ten ounce bars of pure silver and I picked up both of them at 16 dollars per oz.

    I am not particularly interested in the label on them but the silver content.

    I will be putting them away in storage.

    I also stopped by the alcohol store on my scooter and bought another fifth of Gosling 151 proof rum to go with my other bottle purchased some two or three months ago when I found out that Bacardi is no longer making 151 proof rum.

    This bottle too will be put away in like manner to the silver.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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    Good to get out and about. Great find on the silver, both price and size.
    Don't bring skittles to a gun fight.

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    One of the bars is made by Ampex and the other by a company called Sunshine. I thought Sunshine might be Chinese and got concerned until I found they are a company out of Idaho.

    Ran a magnet over them and got no hits..but that is not all inclusive.

    Expectantly awaiting the arrival of 300 rounds of 180 grain Cast Lead Gas Check bullets in .358 diameter...for both .357 reloads as well as .35 Remington reloads.

    Looking forword to rolling these reloads and trying them out.

    Nor an Ishmaelite,


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