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Thread: Well Well's starting to leak out ....and it's about time too

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    Default Well Well's starting to leak out ....and it's about time too

    Well Well's starting to leak out ....and it's about time too....

    I have been saying from time to time in my posts that the anti Trump movement has certain British origins...and in particular the attempt to interfere with our elections and blame it on the Russians.

    I strongly suspected so when it was announced via certain media outlets that Christopher a retired MI6 agent. I suspected that what Christopher Steel is an agent or front man for British Interests in America..

    My limited grasp of history is that America has been operating for British Interests throughout the world since before WW1...privily..secretly.

    This is in fact the nature of the "Special Relationship " with Britian......that we do the dirty work for England and her Crown Merchants whenever their operations and investments are under threat....

    The last big operation for the Brits was Gulf War 1 and 2.

    I believe we are and have been quietly and at a lower tempo...operating against certain north African nations...Egypt, Libya and also now overthrow those governments in favor of very powerful private investors.

    Most of this has been done under the cover of NATO operations...but I believe we have been in operation by "Deep State" operatives on a much less visible fingerprint.

    " The Deep State" is in fact the British Connection within our government....the British Control puppet strings on our government ...all the while having us fighting the Russians/Soviets.

    We have been a puppet/Boot lackey for the British Government...London Operations ...since before WW1.

    Our central banking system ..the Federal Reserve System is a copy of the Bank of England...system...a central bank...

    And I believe it was John F. Kennedy's death to be going against the Federal Reserve system...a British Bank of England printing and issuing US Treasury Notes...non interest bearing notes to replace Federal Reserve Notes at that time. After Kennedy was killed...those notes quickly disappeared from circulation. I have one of them in my private collection.

    But it was the Christopher Steel connection which told me that this whole interference in our election was never a Russian operation but a British Crown ...operation ..and MI6 is the CIA of the British Crown...Merchants.

    I have known about British interference in our political process for many many years now....and that someone out there is trying desperately to make us like Englishmen and or Continentals.

    All the sudden social changes in our government and particularly under the Obama Administration were to make us more like England and the make us international and not American.

    This is the fear that these internationalists have with Trump and Company...that Trump and Company would reverse years and years of careful planning and social engineering and break out of the British Chains....the "British Encirclement."

    The very visceral reaction of our extreme leftists in this country is testimony that this is true...while the phony media and Hollywood claim "Extreme Right Wingers or Conservatives.

    What they mean is that they are against "Americanism./American Nationalism" but in favor of "Internationalism....British Rule of this country."

    They want to come out in the open with what they really intend for America. And the Deep State is and has been the secret boot lackey for British control over America and Americans.....controlling everything for their the Crown.

    Well that has been long enough...

    Here is the article I found on line this morning....very telling for those who know the history of British Interference in our American political and social business.

    Do not get me wrong here....I have a great admiration for British History and in particular the English Civil war and what it means to us as Americans....

    But I have no desire to become an Englishman...or under British a an Ishmaelite. And that is what British rule means...Ishmaelite.

    I am a Bloody Yank..and damned proud of it.

    My Non Ishmaelite .02,


    Post Script.......

    It is my belief...that Russia and Putin are trying to break out of this British Encirclement....Social and political strangulation....

    And that this Deep State/British Connection is, constantly and since Trump Swore in office, trying desperately to keep Russia and America at each others in the Cold War days.

    I don't believe Trump and Company are buying into it.

    The lap dog for the deep state...the Media..inclcuding Fox News...was trying to reinforce this cold war mentality the other day in the news....that there was something very wrong with Trump speaking to Putin.

    With the mid terms out of the way..I am watching this one closely in the 2020 run Trump deals with the Russians...and how the Deep State tries to cut off and manage Trump and Company.

    Watch for this Ishmaelite fingerprint on our Government and the future. For the Deep State needs us to go back into British bondage for their profit. more thing concerning the news media on the left and also the phony right......Fox News and the like...

    I am not at all interested in what Melania is wearing this this or that meeting.

    We elected Donald Trump...not Melania..

    I needed to get that out there. Too much news space is being used up with what Melania is suit me.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    not exactly a secret that the Deep State is international in scope - and the British Royal Family is a prime example of the UK RESIST within their gooberment ....

    the Euros are pizzed beyond belief that Prez Trump killed their access to the US $$$$$$$$$$$ pile >>>>>>>> Merkel & Macron were supposed to be king & queen of the entire Euro Empire by now - commanding the world - instead the UK has bucked and the entire plan has folded ....

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    not exactly a secret that the Deep State is international in scope - and the British Royal Family is a prime example of the UK RESIST within their gooberment ....

    the Euros are pizzed beyond belief that Prez Trump killed their access to the US $$$$$$$$$$$ pile >>>>>>>> Merkel & Macron were supposed to be king & queen of the entire Euro Empire by now - commanding the world - instead the UK has bucked and the entire plan has folded ....

    The Deep State is indeed international...but what is often missing from the knowledge is that the International means British Crown Monopoly. This does not mean the King or Queen of England....the Crown means the international money monopoly..the Crown Merchants operating out of Olde London...the one square mile area...fenced in in Olde London.

    This group have no allegiance to any nation or code but their own.....profit. And they have been in existence since ancient times....but in more modern and influential times since the 1600s.

    Merkel & Macron are figureheads....boot lackeys....placed there to be used/controllers for the real owners..and so too have been every President we have had going back to Teddy Roosevelt and perhaps before.

    Any President we've had who did not go along was either killed or spoken badly about by a compliant and obedient press/media. Woodrow Wilson turned against them and they tried to poison him...unsuccessfully. His wife Edith Gault Wilson ran the White House and controlled who and when anyone came in to see and speak to him...until he finished out his term. Edith Gault Wilson....saved his life...and was in a manner of speaking the defacto President of the United States until the end of Wilson's term.
    And after he left office we hardly hear about Woodrow Wilson in history.
    In certain books and writings also appears that Franklin Delano Roosevelt turned on the Deep State as well...after four terms in office...resulting in his death.

    also ...

    I also believe that Nixon turned on them and tried to end the Vietnam war and thus ruin their profits....
    They had to get rid of Nixon....but they had just recently killed Kennedy and a repeat would have dangerously exposed they went the Watergate route....for impeachment...resulting in Nixon's resignation.
    And you hardly heard from or about Nixon in the years since....just like Woodrow Wilson.

    And this current President... Donald J. particularly disliked from day the left ..the public education and the Deep State boot well as Hollywood boot lackeys.

    England has been caught in her own making after selling the very souls of her nation and people to the Continent and the Common Market and are trying to get out of it. Theresa May is trying to keep Brexit in name only and thus pissing off a lot of Englishmen who can see their way through this charade.

    Theresa May Merkel and Macron is a puppet have been every Prime Minister going back before Benjamin Disraeli.

    And Benjamin Disraeli was to write about this secret nature going on in English government over 100 years his novel "Coningsby."

    The money powers in the United States and England have gone back to their olde games after backing a mistake in financing the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party ...the NAZIS...leading to WW2. Their creation turned on them. So too their creation Japan.

    And it is also they who have been backing Soviet Russia....from day one....with the October Revolution of 1917...

    It is also they who got Nixon into opening the doors to China after a bout of Ping Pong Diplomacy ...

    China today is their creation....and I believe at some point they are going to turn on China before China turns on them.

    What they did not count on was Donald J, throw a stick in their spokes.

    I am asking myself if it is true what I am thinking about Trump and Company ....whether they are writing their memoirs to be carefully controlled and published after and if they survive the office....and released to the public. They will have to carefully select their publisher as most book houses and publishers are in the controlled Deep State....just as did Anthony go out of the USA to get his books published...because the Deep State closed off Stateside routes to Anthony Sutton...for he was clearly hitting too close to the bull's-eye about the Deep State control over our government.
    And Anthony Sutton died suddenly and mysteriously after his books were published.

    Interesting times...I believe is the basis of the Chinese expression or statement.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    sorry but the whole secret combined international conspiracy is nothing but total BS >>>> if you think the likes of Soros is going to give up power - think that Merkel & Mercon aren't pulling strings - that Obammy didn't become a major player and still is - total bull - there's more separate little power hungry a-holes running around than you can shake a stick at ....

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    there's more separate little power hungry a-holes running around than you can shake a stick at ....
    The problem with's two edged blade or that it most often necessitates Herding people.

    The most level and limiting source of power I have ever seen, heard about, or read... is the Constitution of the United States.

    And someone or some body...individual or groups have been trying to navigate their way around it since it's founding. They verily hate it.

    And even certain Presidents from Various political parties have tried to navigate their way around it and secure for themselves and their political parties more power.

    In our times...Clinton and Obama come to mind..but do not think for one minute that the so called "Conservative " Republicans would not do the same....the Patriot Act comes to mind...

    Always and often under the guise of an Emergency...taking more power from and more herding of the people...

    Is this not how we lost the Gold Coinage..under an Emergency.???

    But there is a pecking order at this trough....always has been and always will be...nothing new.

    Politicians are not sufficiently high up on this pecking order.

    Or as the olde ones told me...."If you know their names...the are not the top of the pecking order."

    Which is why they so often operate through proxies...elected front men...or today..women.

    It appears to me that Julius Caesar was a man the insiders could not control...and there have been others...Abraham Lincoln comes to mind..


    Not an Ishmaelite
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