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Thread: survival and the religioius war going on out here...

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    Default survival and the religious war going on out here...

    I post this here because in the future it may help some members..however few recognize the nature of the religious war going on out here.

    The war or struggle for "Absolute Power"....or what is sometimes called..."Divine Right of Kings" going on here in America between the Deep State...operating on International Rules or if you prefer ..non rules......or bring America under their rule....

    Make no mistake..this is an International religion...carried on with an International Religious Zeal and devoutness...towards a long term goal. This not just for America..but for England and the Continent.

    If you know enough history ...of one world government world can see a relationship between what is happening to these people in Europe and England remove from them their history and way of living/government to cede the same to the internationalist religion and cede their power and national status to the Internationalists religion or way of doing things.

    When our Founders where trying to agree on the decision to turn against King George and England...they looked to history to find an example of a ordinary people turning against there king...was there such an historical precedent??

    Historically Kings and Royalty had been killed and or run off by other Royalty in plots, schemes, machinations...etc etc.

    But when our Founders looked for a historical precedent of an ordinary people turning on their king...they discovered that Oliver Cromwell and the Roundheads had solved that question about a hundred years earlier.

    For our founders knew history ....and understood much of it going back to Ancient Rome and before.

    But they did not need to go back that far to find an example and this is the point here.

    It is also a history for which our own government never wants us to know...and for good reason.

    Job Security.

    Our struggle here in America....going on about a Deep State religion of power and control.....hidden and concealed within our government apparatus and thus being able to operate unknown and unseen towards "Absolute Power" over our people and nation....and even within both phony political parties.

    Divine Right of Kings and Absolute power has only changed it's form...and how it operates.

    And thus we see the absolute zeal...devout and religious zeal of the left and the phony right in turning on this sitting President ....who is want to break up this concealed cabal....of the Deep State power....internationalist control .....within our government. A cabal seeking to return back to "Absolute Power/Divine Right of Kings."

    The same or similar war as was waged by Oliver Cromwell ..with the same results...Oliver Cromwell was hated by the internationalist Cabal wanting to return England back to Absolute Power...Divine Right of Kings.
    And so similar manner is Donald Trump and Company hated and despised as was Oliver Cromwell and the Roundheads.

    Internationalism is only Divine Right of Kings/Absolute Power over entire people and nations to cede to international leaders and this group their power and sovereignty as a nation...and this on a world wide scale...

    England herself has chosen to break out of this stranglehold over her economy and sovereignty with Brexit..and we see the Cabal trying to keep England in the international Cabal and controls. And much of this Cabal is operating secretly within the English Government in like manner as they are operating secretly and privily within the American Government.

    And again the Cabal is trying hard not to be seen and or known...operating through proxies to have their way with England. And so too with the United States.

    Make no mistake...this is a religion going on here...a religion seeking power...

    Nothing has changed here in thousands of years...about power...and the religion of power.

    Oliver Cromwell and the Roundheads, were for a brief moment in history, able to break this stranglehold on power...and they are hated to this day in England and this history is avoided within the hands of the English well too here in the United States.

    This is also a reason the Cabal has worked very very hard to remove the knowledge of history and Christianity from the English Public...from what is was in the time of the Puritans.

    And the same Cabal has been working hard to remove it from the America Public and substitute the world religion...through government offices /public schools and their secret control....and with the same great success.

    The government in England and the United States will allow and promote any religion..and I mean any religion and promote it ...except Christianity.

    The Obama Administration made this abundantly clear.

    Uncontrolled Immigration is a way of promoting these other religions outside of Christianity in both England and Europe...and is going to be an absolute disaster for these nations in the future.

    And in America Trump and Company are trying to control and regulate this trend of the Internationalist religion...illegal immigration.

    And this feudal religion and it's secrets goes back to Ancient Egypt and before.

    This is "The Ever War" Continued....from the Garden of Eden unto today.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    We must stand up, and get the vote out for Trump in 2020. I have already seen three mentions in the newspaper just today about Democratic hopefuls potentially throwing their hats in to the ring. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, HRC, and Richard Ojeda.

    Anybody but Trump will start going back to globalism, like Obama tried to do.

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