It has been over a year now ..with my Long Wire Hf Antenna still up in the tops of the trees. No real issues.

This time I suspended it much better with pulleys taking up a lot of the slack and expansion/contraction of the wire.

Hooked up to an MFJ 962C tuner I can adjust this antenna from Just above the AM Broadcasting band at 1800 some 50 MHZ.

It consists of a 500 foot 12 gauge black insulated wire roll from Lowes. It was fished high up into the tops of the trees with a fishing pole...and pulled through with some one eighth inch nylon rope to thread it where I needed it to sit.

I think suspending it with pulleys helped it remain up in the trees longer than my previous set up which was more ridged with out pulleys. The Pulleys seem to allow for more give and take with the swaying of the tops of the trees.

My friend out in Tennessee ..his dipole antenns are also so suspended high up in his trees via a pulley system to take up the slack ..give and take of the swaying trees. His system has been up longer than problems.

I spoke with him via 75 meter HF band about an hour ago.
We spoke for about 30 minutes.


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