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Never got any alerts here. But then I have an older flip phone ...no camera.

I don't even think you can buy a phone like this today....flip...no camera.

I've loaded it up with a bunch of minutes from one of those cards ..but don't use it much. It does not even have on it the internet.

I suppose one day I shall have to come up to speed.

Mostly I listen to my UHF/VHF radio...or shortwave set.


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I have an AT&T flip phone for which I buy minutes and my wife has a TracFone, also flip type. Neither went off yesterday. I was at work and mentioned to my boss that the test was comin' up. He had no clue. Uses his smart-fart phone to listen to radio through bluetooth speaker. Man, when the test went off it was "noticeable" to say the least. Did also give me the chance to say told ya so.