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Thread: Jeep Liberty vs Jeep Cherokee

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    Love that custom front end

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    My wife has a 04 Cherokee. It's been a great vehicle. I had a 92 XJ that I lost to a fire due to negligent repairs by Midas. Loved my XJ except it was kinda small. Personally I don't think that they've made a REAL jeep since the 80's when they quit making the Wagoneer, and the Comanche.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 91CavGT View Post
    Have you ever considered a Subaru? They pretty much all have at least 8Ē of ground clearance, they will be more comfortable than a Jeep, and they will get better fuel economy. When looking for a used one, look for one that either has a turbocharged 4 cylinder (it will do better at high elevations and up steep grades than a Jeep will), or that has the 3.0L 6 cylinder. For many years the 2.5L non-turbo 4 cylinder had problems with headgaskets, but the turbo engines and 6 cylinder engines did not have those problems.
    As a two time Subaru owner I wouldn't touch a Subaru unless it has a 3.0 or 3.6 H6. The turbo 2.5 (EJ 255) has just as many if not more issues than the N/A 2.5. On the Legacy GT forum people got tired of typing "you need a new short block" the just abbreviated it to YNNASB. Holding $4500 in crisp $100s in my hand and watching my 2005 Legacy GT drive away forever was one of the happiest moments of my life.

    As far as the OP's question.

    It's just kind of what do you want? From your post it sounds like a Liberty would be just fine and it's going to be more comfortable and get better milage that a XJ. However XJ's are a dime a dozen used and have developed a pretty loyal following as serious off road vehicles, additionally there is crap load of cheap used parts (axles, motors, trannies, etc) if you break something. Locally they are the redneck/jackpine savage Jeep of choice. The 4.0 has a good reputation as do the Ax-15 and AW4 transmissions. Biggest XJ issue here is the road salt eats them alive and the subframes rot out rendering them unsafe to drive, the only plus to that is the aforementioned crap load of used drive train parts.
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