I 've recently been able to start acquiring some wine making equipment and some bottling stuff for making my own root beer and other sodas,, not using extracts. I already have the drying tree, capper and bottle caps and some brown bottles,, with still more to be acquired at extremely low prices.. I've been looking at videos on youtube and would love to know if anyone here makes their own root beer or crème soda and such.. I would like some input on your experiences and if what you do is different from what I've seen on youtube,, I hate the idea of using bread yeast , dropping a few grains into each bottle,, btw I've been able to get both types of bottles,, some with caps and some with wire bail.. looking forward to doing this.. mead making and wine making as well,, beer brewing isn't for me tho.. so who knows what.. spill the beans please.. thanks in advance