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Thread: New 315 ton overhead gantry crane installed at Newport News Shipbuilding.

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    Cool. I bet it takes more than a minute or two to rig the cables in that sucker, too..... smart cookie.

    The hoist packages...came as two complete assemblies. All the assembly crews did was to mount them on the two large gantry beams. There are two hoist blocks on this large crane..a heavy duty one ...the square box with a diagonal strut angling out from it towards the ground with a yellow box on the end. The crane operator works out of that yellow box.
    Then their is a smaller box down the gantry beam with a lighter block in it for lifting smaller loads. The guy in the yellow box..the crane operator can operate both lifting blocks..or only one as needed.

    Now the actual cables used to hoist up the big gantry beams in the video ...those took at least two weeks to string/put in place and get them ready.

    It was a very impressive lift. I never heard what was the calculated weight they were lifting but I am sure it was not petty cash so to speak.

    I was told by a couple of guys working on that project that they would start early in the morning and lift it half an inch at a time....and it would take at least 10 hours to get it from the ground level to the place they would be bolting it up. They obviously have a way to measure it's level..and maintain the same ...all the way up. It is an impressive lift.


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