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Thread: gave a young man the pep talk today....

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangetom1999 View Post
    Good grief,

    I wouldn't want to be taking her home in my car after being sprayed by a skunk....or walk way back away from her...upwind.


    A skunk.......Now this might cause me to become an Ishmaelite!!

    Yeah...flock6...I've done the same a few years back...two radiators in one year for my cars. I just figured it easier to replace than try to get them fixed at the radiator place across town.

    Same...just put caps on the transmission line hook ups.
    Ah....noooo. You wouldn't want her upwind of you, but downwind. Upwind means the wind is blowing from her to you. That would be most unpleasant.

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    hell even I know where the spare tire is its located up under the back of the car,, flip the so called trunk
    inside and voila there is the jack and so called tire tool,, it came with locking lug nuts so that key was there as well.. lowering that tire is so friggin time consuming made me wanna cus like a sailor who pulled into port with the ship and not allowed to go ashore.. who the hell thought this was a great idea anyways,, leave it to Ford..

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