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Thread: Another friend going to test for Technician class license.,..

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    Default Another friend going to test for Technician class license.,..

    Later here in August I was informed that another friend is going to test for his entry level Technician class license. I told him that if he passes the test I would help him get up a J pole antenna to which he can attach his Baofeng walkie talkie to make his transmissions more efficient...and thus extend his range.

    I have done the same here in my garage base station operating off an olde car battery...hooked up my walkie talkie to extend the range ...rather than being stuck with the factory rubber ducky antenna.

    Using this system I have been able to reach from here...the Norfolk/ Newport News area of Tidewater north to Richmond and south to Elizabeth City North Carolina on the VHF frequencies. I have reached even further when using SSB mode on my VHF base station in the house and that same J pole antenna I have made.

    But it will be good to get another ham on the air waves.

    This fellow is also a Prepper...and this is the main reason he is going this get experience/knowledge in Radio Operations. I find no fault with his reasoning.

    The first fellow I mentioned getting his license..he is in an Apartment and soon to move into a house. I will be helping him to set up his base station using the same J pole antenna I have given him.


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    Good for you stepping up as an Elmo. My club is all talk, which doesn't help any new HAM get started, and basically no reason to want to do comms with them later. I live in a hole so extended range doesn't apply here.
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    Good glad someone is stepping up to help someone. My club is about the same way....depends how much money you spend on the latest gizmo and how many functions and lunches you can attend.

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