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Thread: Weather being used to manipulate?

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    What I remember about San Antonio, as a kid at Randolph Air Force Base, is that it would get so hot the earth would dry out and the ground crack..and I mean crack...deep cracks. Several feet deep in places.

    As a kid one was forever losing stuff out of one's pockets and down into these deep way you were going to get it out of such an crack.

    I've never been any other places and seen the ground dry up and crack open...and so deep. I am sure they exist..but never seen that anywhere but Texas.

    And of course...I remember it....always.


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    Yeah, that's Deep South Texas and it can be that dry in West Texas, and also in the panhandle, but I've never seen it that dry where I am. It usually doesn't get that dry in SA due to the high humidity that near to the Gulf but it does happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 91CavGT View Post
    I walked to a bar in South Fort Colorado one night when it was 5 degrees. I was cold walking there, but the walk back to the hotel was a nice warm walk!
    Heh, heh! Yeah, it happens when you're full of 90 proof "antifreeze". (chuckle)

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