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Thread: Water storage

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    Quote Originally Posted by flock6 View Post
    We got 6+".
    But I think it will all be gone by the weekend.(which is fine with me)

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    We just got our first sprinkle of the year a couple days ago. Literally just specks, enough to wet the concrete but just barely. Today/tomorrow we are supposed to get some actual meaningful rainfall. The reason they call CA the "Golden State" is not because of the gold rush as many assume, it is actually because all the vegetation here turns brown for six months. Well, at least anything without the root system to reach the water table. I'm not presently set up for rainfall catchment but it wouldn't take much. By the time we think we'll need it, we'll have gone through two of our barrels of stored tap water, and can modify those to capture runoff from the downspouts. Which reminds me, I'm late in cleaning out the rain gutters... have to get that on the list soon.
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