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Thread: The Vietnam era Phoenix Program.....

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    Default The Vietnam era Phoenix Program.....

    Reading a book on the Vietnam era Phoenix Program

    "The Phoenix Program"


    Douglas Valentine.

    I am into the second chapter but already this book has gotten my gears ticking over with certain ideas....about Ishmaelites.

    It will take some time to read and absorb. If it is good and very informative I may put it away for short time to digest and then re read it again. It is my way.


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    Lookin forward to a little review on what you think about it.
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    So far..I've not gotten to deep into this book...

    However ..what I have gleaned is that this project ..the Phoenix Project..went through a number of growing stages/pains to become the project it was when we got out of Vietnam.

    Changes in leadership as well as operating methods..people recruited..etc etc.

    It is difficult to keep up with the ever changing nature of this project and the people/leadership involved.

    I was supposed to go to a base in Vietnam called Na orders where canceled when I went to my initial overseas briefing.

    I was told by other Air Force people who had been there that there were two sides to this base at Na Trang..and for the most part the people at these two sides did not go to the other side...or work together.

    One side was the regular US Air Force people and their missions.

    The other side was the CIA side with their operators...Air America ...going into Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia...and doing their operations.

    I am certain that their people ..many of them were ex US Military people simply because this is where they got their initial training..but the separation was for mission security reasons.

    There were strange things which occasionally happened in that war history...and much of it not officially have to dig for it.

    And Air America never officially died out has only changed it's name or operated without a name unto this very day.

    They are still shipping drugs, guns, monies around the world in their operations.

    I have suspected for some time now that the CIA is the military arm of the US State Department. They work for the deep state..not for the American People per se.

    They are supposed to "Appear" as if they work for the American People...but deep down ...they work for the deep state. When push comes to shove they work and function for the deep too with other Alphabet Agencies...including the FBI. History seems to be bearing this out to America and Americans.

    My .02,


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