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Thread: HF/VHF/UHF Field Day Radio Go Box Emergency Comms Unit

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    Default HF/VHF/UHF Field Day Radio Go Box Emergency Comms Unit

    For sale is my Field Day radio "Go Box" All items contained are new with less than 4 hours use on any of the components. Price is $1099.99 Cash or trade for 2nd amendment items.
    Box is set up to run off of solar and battery with all connectors terminated with Anderson power poles. you can monitor 3 frequencies and transmit on 2 freqs simultaneously.
    I do not plan on using this unit any time soon, would prefer to direct funds to another project. will do Cash +partial trade for Guns/ammo as well.
    Items included:
    ABS Road Case 4U (4 rack space) $ 70.00
    Canteliver shelf for case $ 34.00
    RoadPro Speakers $ 30.00
    Yaesu 857D (MARS/CAP done @Gigaparts) $ 950.00
    Kenwood TMV 71A $ 350.00
    LDG Z11 Pro II Tuner $ 170.00
    Diamond SX-200 meter $ 90.00
    Windy Nation Charge controller $ 32.00
    West Mountain Rig Runner 4008 $ 99.00
    Cables and Connectors $ 60.00
    Total $ 1885.00+tax

    Yaesu radio is linked to the tuner via the Yaesu cable to allow tuner to drop output while tuning. All components are in mint condition. I am in San Antonio, NO SHIPPING.
    Cash or Paypal (+4%) Sale price is $1099.99 will trade for firearms/ammo, trade value to be negotiated.
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    Nice set!
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    Very nice set up. And a great price to boot.
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