Hi everyone,

Thereís a great new show out there Iím casting for.

Can you take a look over the casting call below and let me know your thoughts?

And of course, please feel free to share this around!

Thank you!

Thomas Bauer

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[TomTV] Casting for new show on bunker tech

[Casting New Show: BADASS BUNKERS!]

Hi everyone,

Tom Bauer here with a chance for all you bunker builders to get in on a new ongoing half-hour show, along the lines of pimp-your-ride, called BADASS BUNKERS!

Did you know since November 2016 the sale of pre-fab shelters has jump 400%?

Whether itís the threat of nukes from North Korea, civil unrest at home, or escalating natural disasters around the globe, people of all stripes are prepping for worst-case scenarios. The problem is that building a bunker is not quite as simple as throwing together a little add-on to the garage, right?

A worthy bunker is focused on basic utility, supplies, and safety. It needs to shield you from outside threats and sustain you for an extended period of time. That means itís complicated. So how many new DIY bunker builders could use a little help?

Thatís where BADASS BUNKERS comes in!

Badass Bunkers is a one of a kind documentary-series that takes viewers around the globe, and underground, to meet the folks who are building bunkers now.

Hereís how it works:

Every episode will showcase a bunker project underway, along with a genuine design challenge that needs to be solved. Need help deciding where to build and how to dig? Got a ventilation challenge? Not sure how and where to hook up a freshwater supply? How about making sure your shelter remains dry in heavy rain? What about hiding and securing your entrance? And whatís the best way to grow food in this situation?

Guided by an expert engineer with a military background the series tackles one problematic bunker per half-hour episode. First weíll meet our guest family and learn about their unique goals, fears, challenges, needs, and lifestyle. Then weíll take a tour of what they have already put in place before tackling their shelterís urgent problem. Do they need wheelchair accessibility? Got pets to accommodate? Are they prepping for floods, expecting an earthquake, or anticipating nuclear fallout?

Everyone is different and requires a one-of-a-kind bunker, and our expert will work diligently to come up with a custom solution to suit every need. This might mean a quick stop at the hardware shop for some extra battery power, or using a backhoe to dig deeper for more safety, or creating a functional chemical toilet thatíll last weeks, if not months.

Our expert will walk everyone through the steps of each fix, so viewers get valuable takeaway for their own bunker project. No two families are the same and so no two bunkers are the same.

This is a time-sensitive casting call.

We need to hear from you in the next few days, between:

Thursday Feb 15 and Mon Feb 19

[Reading this after the above dates? Go ahead and please contact me anyway, but keep in mind we might have reached a cut-off by then. Itís okay, weíll include you in the follow-up!]

Phone or message me, Tom Bauer
through facebook
email [thomasbauer@sympatico.ca ]
or: 514 489 5499

We are looking for couples or families who are in some stage of the planning.

Please know that your locations and anything else you need to be kept secret will be respected 100%. For those of you who remember me from the last time I reached out, you will know we respect all points of view, and we present everyoneís view fairly and honestly. To see what I mean, check out How The World Ends on Netflix!

[Note: we are not interviewing for experts right now, but if you feel you would fit as an expert for the show, please submit a brief explanation why and I will keep you on file.]

This is preliminary information gathering, so for now I will need only:

A little bit about you and your family, why you have a bunker, how long youíve had it, what your view of itís viability might be, where you want it to be, and any specific challenges you might be encountering, such as pets to accommodate, the need to grow fresh food, help with filtration, etc.

All this can be told to me over the phone or via skype, shouldnít take longer than twenty minutes. This qucik preliminary phone interview can happen any day of the week and all weekend, as late as you want. Even better, if you are comfortable with a skype, that would be great [providing I can get the new version figured out!].

Folks, I canít wait to hear from you! I loved talking with everyone the last time I came around, and this time is even more fun. Itís all about the science, technology, and logistics of building a bunker. Since more people than ever are into shelter building, this is a chance to put out something helpful and informative about the subject.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tom Bauer