I may have posted ( think I did ) that I went last year to visit my father down in NM.. have since then spent some time in Missouri with extended family and we've really sat down and discussed moving to the country, sometimes on the edge of giving out too much information and I'm biting my tongue that's for sure..The uncle is retired marine , his son is former army.. so they both un happy about city life ,, they used to live country life and for some reason moved into the burbs..
A few weeks ago I got a call from my dad who had previously rented a house on a six month lease in a not so good neighborhood and was actually looking to get into a better neighborhood.. and he notified me on the phone that he had found a house and was gonna be busy moving into it.. that was back in December/January. I didn't ask if he bought or rented and let him touch base and then he had to go do his busy old man stuff. He called during a break to give me the new mailing address,, when he did I sent a text to older half brother where his new address was. Later I got a reply that it is definitely in a better neighborhood.
Two weeks ago he called about 8 :30 in the morning to tell me he had purchased a home,, paid cash for it and was settled in but couldn't find a certain item and thought that it had been stolen by previous repairmen at the other house,, I knew for a fact that it hadn't cause I was there the whole time the work was going on and I knew they hadn't been in this certain room where the items were.. well I just told him what I remembered and for him to continue looking and he went on about his merry way unpacking..
couple days later he calls back to tell me he wants to have my name on the title of the house and that when he passes I get the house.
I'm doing that WTH thing with my brain and face and go um okkkk and try to stay neutral to find out what in the world he is thinking.. without being HOLY CRAP about it.. So if he doesn't change his mind about it I will be going down in late spring possibly late April to go visit and see how his unpacking has carried on and see if he really remembers saying that..I am in a hot spot so to speak cause I know my younger half brother would have a cow and come stomping down to put a stop to it but don't know what the older of the two half brothers would say as dear old dad threatened to give the entire trust to little brother.. Had to calm him down about that,, he was really ranting about this and that .
Next phone call is voice mail,, he found the items and was laughing about finding them,,I didn't bring up what he said,,if he really does do this I've got better options to find a bol ... would sell and buy in the country something I've got my eyes on .. and has lots of potential..still in a fog here... sighhhhhhh