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Thread: more jugs

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    I like those 1 gal Ozarka water jugs. Easy to handle and they last. Even though we have our own well and an alternate hand pump, I keep a couple hundred of those in my back up stock pile and refill them as we use the water. It's just extra security, just incase, and they are easy to relocate as needed, "if needed". I keep a couple in each vehicle as well.
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    am now switching back to getting one gallon jars. also ordered the heating bands for them as well,, have two coming in for heating up whole milk to make cheeses with,, between the wine and mead making and the cheese making,, wait,, there is a smoke house in there somewhere I have the meat grinder and the sausage stuffer as well,, somebody stop me cause I'm on a roll and it aint downhill no mo..just to have something to do while I sit on the front porch right fellas?? right? ..

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