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Thread: This weekend could get ugly

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    The issue with your logic is that radical groups don't play well with others even the various Islamic terrorist groups don't play well with each other it is hard to trust people who are just as crazy and sociopathic. The reason that these idiots are not having success is they don't have a Hitler, or a Lenin, or a Stalin type leader to talk them into working together with lots of charisma. That is the only way evil forces have success they have to be convinced to rally under the same flag/ideology by someone outspoken and charasmatic. They did not have a good example the best they had was Obama who had to be careful what he said to avoid well going to Gitmo for treason. With Obama out and no longer a person of any real influence they dont have a figurehead to rally under and since they are the bad guys and they are not oppressed just lazy and entitled thinking they deserve free stuff they have no true motivation to rise up.

    When our ancestors rose up to fight for independence we all had a lot of motivation to rally together and get organized we wanted our freedom, and stop to taxation without representation from the oppressive boot of Britain and the christian church which was still a theocracy at that time. The fact that liberals get offended by each other over the dumbest things they just cannot get along and will never get organized unless they get a real smooth talking leader type to rally them.

    Agree...that radical groups do not play well with each other unless they have a common and often ruthless leader...a charismatic leader. You bring up a good point here.

    I don't know if Hitler is a good example...if you read certain histories...which are not mainstream..nor Nikita Khrushchev and others...Idi Amin et al. But ..he certainly was charismatic...and for a time able to unite the German people.

    But I think your premise is correct about a leader. The usual question in my mind is who put them there who does not want to be seen or known. It is my way of thinking from reading certain histories. Same thing with the French Revolution....bloody mess on the French People.

    The very stark difference I am making that after the American did not see a bloodbath on the American People as you were to go on to see in so many nations ..on their people...particularly in the 20th century and thus telling me a very different program is taking place. A program not wanting to be seen or known by many people..even in colleges and universities.

    The American Revolution stands out very different historically from the French Revolution....and not that far apart in time....stands out by the caliber of it's leadership...resulting in the difference of what happened.

    As to the British and their Christian Church...the Anglican Church is and has been tied to the throne of England since Henry VIII and his breaking away from Rome.
    The colonists were having none of the British "Divine Right of Kings" which was exposed to those knowing history by the Puritans and Oliver Cromwell.

    The colonists had their God and religious beliefs and it was not "Church and State United " as was the case in England and on the Continent.

    The founders found this out with the Failed Articles of Confederation ....and it's version of "Absolute Power.....Divine Right of Kings" or if you prefer..."Unlimited Government."

    The Background Religious beliefs of the Colonists are found, in particular, in the first Ten Amendments to our government charter...and this is why Amendment 1 reads the way it does.

    The founders could have sold it to the American people no other our current charter of government and after the chaos of the failed..."Articles of Confederation.

    I am located in Virginia not far from the Yorktown Battlefield and also near Colonial Williamsburg which was the early colonial capital in the Colonies.

    Lots of early American history took place right well as American Civil War history.

    Agree about the left needing a charismatic leader for their revolution...but they are pushing bondage on the American matter what leader they get .

    It is the very best they can do or ever will be able to do ...they can do nothing else with their mindset....their master holding their reins.

    This is why I am often want to say....someone is trying to make us into Englishmen and Continentals....subjects with privileges granted by the state...not Citizens with Rights granted by God.

    This knowledge, history, and religious in it's basic nature....going way way back.

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