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Thread: Any Roofers here?

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    Default Any Roofers here?

    So starting to go thru the claims process for my insurance to get a new roof on my house from the damage from Irma. I am really struggling with what to do. I am really leaning towards a architectural shingle and putting 6 nails in it to bring up the wind rating. I was just wondering if it is really worth it to go from a 3 tab up to the architectural shingle. But then throw in metal roof and I wonder if I should go that.

    I am most likely going to be reroofing it myself, as long as I go with shingles, because of the cost of hiring someone to do it, so any tips would be appreciated. I know I have to the skill to do it and do it well and have a really nice roof when I am done. Thoughts?
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    Three tab singles are much lighter than architectural, I'm not so sure on 6 nails it may be a standard but it sounds like a lot to me, I wouldn't vary from the manufacturers instructions so that you don't void warranties. If you put too many it actually weakens the shingle. If you can afford the metal go that route, you'll have to separate the metal from the shingle usually with 1x4 ferring strips, that gives you a solid structure to fasten the metal to as well. Good luck don't go off the roof the fast way.
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    Take your time and hope for good roofiing weather. It makes sense to rope up and wear a harness. I have a used construction harness i use for roof work.

    It just takes one slip and the rest of your life can be ruined with a broken neck or back. I had to shop for a store that would deliver the three tab to roof top, saves a lot of packing.

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    we are 90% thru a new metal roof install. roof itself and ridge cap are on, chimney is flashed.
    got a bit of snow guards to finish and some work on the guttering.
    DIY. Me (64 yr old) and 30 yr old young buck.
    took us probably 4 solid days.
    our roof is 56 long and each side was 15' more or less.
    5/12 pitch
    got the 40 yr warranty metal.
    materials were less than 3k and paid him probably another grand when all is said and done.
    and that included 2 ply bubble wrap like insulation (5 R factor) which alone was about $500.
    the place selling the metal was very helpful with tips / standards / ideas how to do things.

    I will post some pics later.

    I went with the metal roof for the fire proof aspect. We live in a forest near the Smokey Mountains and wildfires (and ice storms) are my main SHTF weather threats. You might remember last year bunch of folks died in a fast moving fire in Gatlinburg which is the gateway to the park. 80 mph winds whipped burning debris all around. I have a firebreak around the house, but in that kind of wind you can get some pretty big pieces of burning debris land on your roof.

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    IMO, metal roofs are the ticket except possibly for cell phone reception in the house.
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    Had part of the roof re-done in metal here... it did impact cell reception but didn't kill it entirely.

    If you are not afraid of being an early adopter maybe look into Tesla's solar shingles... kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
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    I just did a class 4 architectural on my house, just got my certificate for insurance to get the rates down since it's hail resistant, and rated to 135mph. If you do shingles, look at Atlas shingles, much higher quality than GAF and Owens Corning. We also did ice and water shield which should be code but isn't unfortunately.
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