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Thread: Does HIllary not realizze she is telling on herself and her party???

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    I think Donna Brazile has 2 motives :

    One : She's mad because she got caught giving Hitlery the questions, and was thrown under the bus by Hitlery and Company.

    And Two : She wants money.

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    You mean to tell me that a libtard is suffering from revenge and greed? Unprecedented!
    Don't bring skittles to a gun fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flock6 View Post
    You mean to tell me that a libtard is suffering from revenge and greed? Unprecedented!

    This is not new news to me.

    In the religion of Ishmaelite Demonism.....they are known to eat or cannibalize their own. Even their own often do not understand the width and breadth of what kind of demonic arena they are entering.
    This system works better if their own do not know and haven't a clue.

    This history and knowledge of Ishmaelite Demonism is taught in "The Ever War" Series of lectures.

    They do not care about their own in Ishmaelite is Believers in particular they want to destroy. However many of their own they have to eat matters not as long as they destroy us in the process.

    Does this not sound like the dogma of "The Religion of peace???" How about the demonic religion practiced in Hollywood?? Is not Hollywood deep up the backside of the body politic and vice versa??

    Understand now the connection and why events happen in the manner they do??? Immigration chaos ..demonic politics....Antifa, Hollywood, et al??? They are connected by a thread seen not by the natural eye.

    My .02,


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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